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What is Loving A STRANGER

Loving A STRANGER is a popular web novel written by the author AnnaShannel_Lin, covering ROMANCE, R-18, ACTION, MODERN, ADVENTURE, VAMPIRE, COMEDY, MYSTERIES, SUSPENSE, WERE-WOLF, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 3.1M readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 323 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 546 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A MODERN DAY HYBRID ALPHA-VAMPIRE STORY [SLOW PACE LOVE JOURNEY BETWEEN STUBBORN B-LIST ACTRESS HUMAN AND HYBRID ALPHA(WEREWOLF)- VAMPIRE ] ETHAN PARKER, a hybrid alpha-vampire, struggling to retain his human form to pursue the most beautiful, strong, and stubborn b-list actress KYLIE FINCH who he happened met ten years ago during the darkest day of his life. He promised to protect her, and he came at the right moment when Kylie was on the struggle, taking back what she deserves. Witnessing her mother's painful death and being driven out by her father from their home ten years ago, Kylie became an independent woman. She entered the entertainment world to provide her needs, but she still landed as an unknown actress. She portrays a rebellious character in front of them to prove her worth and strength. Life becomes tough when even the man she loved for five years betrayed her for her step-sister; They accused her of being rude and unworthy. Kylie learned to fight against those bullies and realized that only when she's strong like a hedgehog, she can protect what she deserves. Fortunately, a mysterious man appeared in front of her offering a marriage for an alliance. The man told her he would provide all her needs if she accepts his proposal, leaving no option; their deal went on. She became his wife, but he has his secret that connected to Kylie's unforgettable past. A glimpse of her vague memory ten years ago gradually unfolds. Binded by fictitious marriage, she wonders if the mysterious man who became her husband was really her ally or enemy. Would she fall for someone who isn't entirely human? Would she accept him once she knew the truth? Discover the mystery, truth, lies, and deception inside this novel. Special Note: A strong Female Lead paired with a strong Male Lead happened to be a Hybrid Alpha-Vampire King. A fantasy romance that talks about the trials and tragedy between two different individuals that meet each other and become a great couple who wanted to defeat their enemies. There are some twists inside this novel that has been fueled by mystery, suspense, revenge, and deception. Cover Created by Weilan Novel status has been completed, however, gradually uploaded daily of two chapters and mass release two or three times a month every FRIDAY (WEBNOVEL MASS RELEASE) Wanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

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I’m not into fantasy but I love mysteries, adventure and romance. After reading the first chapter I can tell that this novel 📖 looks interesting.  I’ll wait for your Mass, my dearest. 😘😊


The 1st tine I review this book was yestersay at chapter 13. Today I am gonna review it at chapter 111. I spend a lot of coins to unlock a lot of chapter and trust me, its worth every single coins. The chapter are not expensive (its on discount rate at the moment) The Author is so responsive towards her fans which is good and I love the Author. I only read 1 of her work so far and I might try her other book as well 🙂 Readers out there should add this and try to read it yourself. Its really good but dont take my word for it, read it yourself to believe what I am saying. I enjoy reading good books and I will give good review which I see it fits and this book deserve 5⭐ Thank you dear Author.


Such a wonderful story author did. I hope you will not stop doing such an amazing storieslike this. May you always continue sharing us more interesting stories.


An addition to my impending library.. So mysterious, was that man's car appear just out of knowhere intentionally of coincidencially? This story is interesting. I'm so glad that author released it. I got surprised whrn she told me that the mysterious man was a 😁 *secret* 😝. read the upcoming chapters then you will find out. 🤗


3rd time review because I needed to complete my daily task 😂 A story written by an Author which English isnt her MAJOR language, strive to learn and improved her English online and taking a risk by creating this novel deserve a HUGE credit. She put so much effort in writting this book and I must say, its IMPRESSIVE. Its a good book and I really enjoy reading it. I highly recommend this to Readers. Have a look and read it yourself 🙂


this is a lovely novel. you will get love, adventure and romance. so, don't hesitate to pick up this book if you are looking for something for enjoyment




I fell in love with this book after reading the 1st chapter. I must say I haven't been disappointed yet. Ever chapter is interesting. It's sometimes so sad and pitiful, sometimes totally unpredictable and other times unbelievably funny too. 😍😍😍


Hi author, your novel is such a wonderful masterpiece. You got a great potential because you write it in a very unique way of yours to make it very incredible.


I worked but my hobby at my pastime is reading and this novel is one of my favorites to read. I thanked the author for sharing her thoughts and story through this novel. It is great, too great.


No wonder this novel stands out. You want to know why? I dare you to read this novel. Even me has been captured by the novel itself. It is great that I found this novel.


It is rare that a novel without a discord has alot of supporters. It makes my eye sparkled like those supporters are really in-love with the author’s novels. How wonderful as I feel great too.


Incredible things are too rare to show and this novel is incredible. I feel like the author has gone through alot of time preparing this story so it would make it beautiful and great.


I read its reviews and yet upon I read the story. I can confirm that the reviews are true that the story is great. I really love to have it in my library.


Everything is extremely directed by the author. The scene was like alive and has its own will like I never experienced in the other stories around. I don’t know but don’t call me having a bad taste but I will definitely sure that it is the right one to call it ‘magnificent novel’.


After all of the searches this novel catches my attention alot. Why? Simple. It is good from top to bottom. I can’t say much but I recommend you to read the novel too.


Awesome Book!! I really loved this book it kept me over the edge of my seat. I would highly recommend it. Thank you so much for a great book. 😘


Incredible, this story is really meant for international audiences. It completes my day even in a single chapter. It makes me feel great for the story.


It is a very nice story.....I am quite excited while reading this. It gives you some sort of calmness and serenity. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


Yey! New novel to read again. It is far more better than the last I read. It is no joke to find great books to read but this one fill my brain better with great imagination.


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