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The Fallen Consort

Cursed with a beautiful face, Losing love ones till left with no one by her side. Yi Ling vowed not to ever let anyone see her true self. She believed that she was a curse. A face that can topple Kingdoms and Countries. So she dressed up like a man. Not until, Mu Xin came along. Letting her realized that she was part of a bigger world. -------- This is my 1st Novel and English is my 3rd language. Sorry in advance, for my grammatical errors. Reviews are greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. ^U^ -------- Also Read my other novels : The Wretched Mistress & Phoenix Rebirth : The Unruly Empress -------- JOIN THE DISCUSSION !!! Discord : discord.gg/hAJDepT ---- Also please support me by buying me a coffee! buymeacoffee.com/ElleJaye

ElleJaye · Fantasy Romance

Motivations of a Genius Lady

She woke up and found out that she was the Duke's wayward and man-chasing daughter. They say she was hideous? Alright, then she'll have a makeover and dig up that enchantress from within! They say she was too weak that she shames her warrior of a mother? Oh well, then she'll just become a savant of the sword and the bow! They say she disgraced her house because she chased after the Crown Prince and ended up trampled underneath his horses? Fine! What Crown Prince?! He's not that handsome. She'll just change her target and apply the art of subtle tactics! They say she's dumb and stupid she brings down her prodigy of a father? She'll just become a genius then! After all, it is never too bad to be motivated. _____________________________ This is an Original story and not a translation. All rights reserved. :) Update Schedule: 1-2 chapters/day (unless somethings comes up) Chapter Length: 800-1.5k words Disclaimer: I don't own the images I use for the cover, all rights belong to the creator.

feipei · Fantasy Romance

Killer Copycat

What happens in the shadows? No one has to know. The truth is in the gallos— it will burn, but won’t let go. A serial killer on death row. A copy cat that won’t back down from a challenge. A reporter with a sense of justice and a shallow wallet. Jayce Morgan is a twenty one year old serial killer, he thinks he has had his fun and thrill when he gets caught and taken into a isolation prison facility on death row. Suddenly the unspeakable happens… another serial killer as arisen from the shadows of the now remotely peaceful city. Jayce thinks nothing of it until he starts to feel a sense of familiarity in these murders… was it a coincidence? They need him. He needs them to survive, One month to get shit done. The police force— and a serial killer with a burning arrogance and pride, how will they ever get along…? A/U: Updates = 1 chp. Week (Maybe More)

RobinJPokorny · Martial Arts
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