Cultivation Starts from Clearing the Trash of Countless Worlds Book

novel - Sci-fi

Cultivation Starts from Clearing the Trash of Countless Worlds

North Bank River

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Huang An, faced with the certainty of pancreatic cancer, discovered an unexpected twist in the form of a cosmic garbage dump, accompanied by the ability to traverse different worlds. Confronting death, Huang An found a glimmer of life within this universal refuse repository. But how could a man straddle the realms of heaven and earth while spending his days scavenging through garbage? Alloy Stick of the Future World: Fire and water-resistant, incredibly sturdy, the perfect weapon for underworld battles. Expired Xiaohuan Pill: Effectiveness reduced by 70%, but still capable of activating the eight meridians, boosting vitality, and offering slight benefits to martial arts. Watch out for side effects after expiration. Wash Marrow Pill Disguised as Garbage: When ingested with a small amount of warm water, this flattened pill enables a complete transformation, aiding in breaking through minor realms and enhancing cultivation talent. Gnawed Corpse of a Strange Beast (Incomplete): A crucial supplement with the potential to kill any mortal who consumes it. Combined with gentle medicines, it provides immense benefits for martial arts cultivation. Future World Alloy Formula and Production Methods (Contaminated): Ion alloys, soft alloys... True Man Huang An, who cleans garbage daily - wonderful, how wonderful!