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Star Wars Reborn Reborn

Star Wars Reborn Reborn

Tags: +18, Mature, Action, Maybe Harem, Fantasy, Kingdom Building, Romantic Subplot, Strong MC, Timeline Divergence, Transmigration, Reincarnation, Gore, Brutality, Villain MC. A selfish power-hungry guy dies and transmigrates into the STAR WARS universe. See his attempt to conquer the galaxy and becoming a Sith. Dark/Selfish Powerhungry MC fic. I also uploaded this fic on fanfiction net so there's no copying. Planning to finish the story even if it takes 10 years. This is a 'REWRITE' of my first ever fanfiction; please give me feedback and suggestions. In a sense, I am turning a new leaf for this story. English is my second language to let others know why I sometimes make mistakes. Note: I do not own Star Wars. It Belongs to The Walt Disney Company. This story is not written for commercial gain. I make no money from it.

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One Piece: An Adventure to Paint

One Piece: An Adventure to Paint

A painter named Yarold loves to paint more than anything else does in the world. The problem? He had already painted all the places he thought were interesting. He began to look at fantasy works, but this was not enough, he wanted to walk and see those places with his own eyes, it was an impossible dream. One day he died of a mistake from God. Yarold's dream of being able to paint all the islands of One Piece was no longer so impossible. ============================= — This is my first novel. — My English is bad. English is not my first language. — The original work is by Oda. — Free and non-profit work. I write because I am a fan of the series. As a result, I cannot spend the day writing and translating. It is a pastime for me too. Obviously, I will try to bring a few chapters a week. Thanks! Enjoy the reading.

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