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My Back AlongSide Yours

My Back AlongSide Yours

Born to be lead like a cattle, Yang Chao-Xing was originally a gentle tempered and passive girl. She was born into a middle classed family that was happy, or so it seemed on the surface. When things come to light one by one, breaking her world apart piece by piece, Chao-Xing finds solace in a single place. The world of "Vivid Eternity", a VR game in which she could fully live her life how she wants. That is, until her peace is once again broken by a betrayal of who she thought was her best friend and little brother. Dong Fan Hui. Enraged by the betrayal and having the everything in her life destroyed by the person she trusted most Chao-Xing's personality twisted from a gentle passive girl to a selfish and cold person. At the end of her life having been a victim to someone behind the shadows who wanted her out of their life, Chao-Xing woke up to find herself reborn. Now, after experiencing betrayal so many times Chao-Xing vowed this in this life, she would protect those who had been good to her. No matter what she had to do, not matter who stood in her way, she would make sure her loved ones will be the only ones standing. Cover credit belongs to: https://www.pinterest.com.mx/pin/477944579201294785/

Chezilla · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings