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Magic Cultivation: Aria's Path

Magic Cultivation: Aria's Path

Orphaned at a young age, Aria was a peculiar child. She could hear and see things others couldn't, she could manipulate objects with her mind and she could feel the spirits of plants and animals. She knew she was different but she didn't know why. The only clue she had was the jade pendant hung around her neck. She had lived in an abandoned house on the outskirts of Purple Cove for as long as she could remember, fending for herself. She taught herself to read and write using the old books thrown out by the townspeople. The other children in the village would taunt her whenever they saw her so she usually stayed to herself, she had long gotten used to it. One fateful day she was out in the forest next to the village hunting small animals for meat as she usually did when a small winged beast came to her. She had never seen a creature like this before. It had smooth glistening blue skin with small golden spikes down its spine, a long supple tail with a spear shaped end, blazing red eyes and purple tipped wings. She stared at the creature curiously when a sudden bright light shot straight at her heart. It was dark when she came to. At first she couldn't tell where she was but as her head cleared she began to remember what happened. When that bright light hit her, images began playing in her mind like some kind of fantastical movie. It showed her a path to a place unlike any other, strange beasts every where, people flying over oceans and never aging. And then there was a large winged beast just like the one she saw before and it felt like it was looking straight into her soul, beckoning her to come to it. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Follow Aria on her journey to figure out the mystery of her past and her gifts. Many trials and tribulations await as she leaves the mundane world and enters a world of magic cultivation.

Kimberlynn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings