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royalfamily #princess #forbiddenlove Time to deep dive into ancient t

royalfamily #princess #forbiddenlove Time to deep dive into ancient times and immerse ourselves in eras long past! Show us some steamy romances, court drama, royal power struggles and all the other shenanigans your characters can get up to in a historical setting and time era. Be it dashing dukes, blushing maidens or scheming concubines, sweep your readers off their feet with the most passionate romance tales!

Krishna_Baniya_8408 · Video Games
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Royal love - I fell in love with CEO

She was a simple girl who was brought up in a simple household, or at least that was what others thought about her. She is full of mysteries and secrets but was always seen as naïve and innocent girl. Or, simply…it is more precise to tell that she keeps that facade for her own good. But why?? Only she knows the answer. However, unlike other girls of her age, who dreamt of getting married to rich and famous guys, she preferred to find someone who has simple life and easy going family. In short, she just wanted to lead a happy and ordinary life. However, she uses to believe that it would only be possible if her life partner was an common, uncomplicated guy. But why?? Was the reason behind her beliefs had something to do with her past? Or, was she vexed with her life to the extent of sticking by her self-made rules? On the other hand, he was the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies across the world. He was cold and aloof, someone who despised any sort of intimacy with women, be it physical or emotional. His world revolved around his work and his family business. Though he has complicated family, he love them to his core….and, apart from them and his friends , no one matter to him. But, for the first time in his life, he fell for a woman just with a glance. It all happened when she was turning down her Boss's love proposal. Despite of her simple attire, he found her enchantingly beautiful. He could tell that she had so much more to herself than she let others see. He wanted to be the only person before whom she could be her true self. The very moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew deep down in his heart that only she could be his soul mate. And, he was willing to go any lengths just to make her his. Even if it meant working as an employee in his own company. Just like he wanted, she fell for him. But would happen when she ends up catching his lies? Even if she agrees to accept him, what will be awaiting for her in the life she opted to live with him? Moreover, who exactly is she? Why does she prefer to be low-key? And why is she being so secretive about her past? What and all troubles she might have to face because of his complicated background? What would welcome her when she stumbles back into the very life she wanted to run away from? More importantly, will their love be strong enough to face all those odds that are waiting for them? ......... No misunderstandings between couple. Lovely and understanding couple with mature communication skills. ....... #Comedy #Love #Friendship #Mystery #Thriller #Family #Revenge This book is perfect blend of everything. I hope you will give it a try. ....... I am also author of Ms. attractive and inciting CEO The devil's little Villainess. Please do check out the books ..... Discord sever https://discord.gg/3CC6KgK Please feel free to contact me....

Har_V · Contemporary Romance

The Princess's Dangerous Vampire Mate

"You are not human, like us, are you?" The words left my mouth in whispers as my eyes glanced around eyeing the destruction caused by the two men. Two men who had effectively taken out Twenty guards. All heavily armed and trained. But now, not even one old get up. "What gave that away?" My companion, who I had feelings for, mocked. "Perhaps the strength we displayed caused her to see reality," in the blink of an eye, he was in front of me making me stumble back in fear. "Is that not true, Princess?" I looked to the man who was silent and ever watchful. "Why? Why were you not true?" I loved him, only him I let myself feel for. He glanced around and spotted Diwal, my trusted advisor. "No one is true in nature here," he pointed to my advisor, "Not even him." Unwanted tears came to my eyes as I glanced around me. I could die tonight and it would all be in their hands. "Don't worry, your highness, it's just the time for it to come to light." My advisor smiled and so did the other two men. •••• A gentle yet cold bastard prince. The bulky, muscular King to be. And a Princess. ~ slow burn ~

Inara_Me · Fantasy Romance

The Evil Emperor's Fragile Heart

Mana was a brilliant young lawyer working for the biggest international law firm in the world. With her prodigious talents, influential family and a perfect fiancé, her life was considered a dream come true…until a freak accident cost her everything. Or so she thought. After three years of being confined to a hospital bed, the man she had loved with all her heart told her about his betrayal as he slit her throat. The next moment, Mana found herself in the body of a sickly ten-year-old princess of the same name, in a world she thought to be fictional. “The Legend of Mars” was an ancient epic chronicling the adventures of the divine King Mars and his virtuous wife, Queen Astra, and their triumph over the evil, half-demon emperor Raven. Princess Mana was the unfortunate half-sister of Princess Astra, who died at the age of ten…and somehow pulled in Mana’s soul. And thus, Royal Princess Mana decided to make the best of her new chance at life and seek happiness. However, she soon found that what she had read in “The Legend of Mars” and the actual people she met were very different. Why was the divine child Mars an insufferable brat? Why was the virtuous Astra plotting nefarious schemes? Why did the brother of Mars look exactly like her traitorous fiancé of her previous life? And the meek little boy she accidentally rescued was actually the fearsome evil emperor …? But why on earth was he clinging to her and looking at her with puppy eyes?

Jaywalker_Holmes · Fantasy Romance

99 Days Trapped in the Body of the Royal Prince's Wife

Casey Hoult had a fatal accident. But instead, she woke up in a very different state. She just realized that her soul had been trapped in the body of a woman named Clara who had died after the wedding, allegedly due to poisoning. Casey who doesn't know what to do is finally met by a mysterious man who cannot be seen by others who promises to always accompany her for 99 days as Clara. Within 99 days, Casey has the opportunity to uncover the facts of the accident that happened to her, and reveal who had poisoned Clara. .Within 99 days, Casey lives as Clara, which makes her forced to act as the wife of Nathanael William Rudolf who is a noble man who inherits his royal family's company and loves Clara very much. Slowly, Casey feels comfortable living with Nathan, but she doesn't know what if Nathan finds out about who she is? She also didn't know if after 99 days she was still alive or not? The fact that it made her in mental agony, plus the facts about the people closest to her including her lover also made her very sad ... What happened to Casey and the people around her? Will she be immortal in Clara's body with the help of the mysterious man? Or will she return in her original body still in a coma? Or, maybe she will die and not have a chance to live with Nathan? Let's read because this story is not only about crime but also about love after marriage

Nonik_Farellidzy · Contemporary Romance

The Reason I Burn For You

"Take my life, Tashina and I promise, I won't stop you" he assured with a bitter smile. She kept her blazing green eyes steady on him and without a second thought, she drove the dagger straight into his heart. _________________________________________ She was an opium flower, he became the chilled morning dew_ both were equally poisonous in love. An alpha no more than a moth, desiring her was a flickering fire. Beautiful, cruel fate meant to burn him and make her fade away. The steel blue soul penetrating orbs and an alpha true to his title with the hope of finding his mate faded since long. Loneliness eaten heart beating inside his desired outer then that fallen angel happened to step inside his territory. Oh! My bad. A fallen demon, she was destructively brave, a fierce, and rough vampire. Everything about her was forbidden yet inviting to his hardening heart. The fire she possessed was bound to burn him but he was willing to jump into that pit of hell that even Grim pitied him. A forbidden love tale of unfortunate lovers... The Reason I Burn For You ~***~ Volume 1[COMPLETED]: the Beginning of a Forbidden Love Tale, completed at 136 chapters. Volume 2[COMPLETED]: the Forbidden Love Tale and the Forbidden Potion, completed at 271 chapters. Volume 3[COMPLETED]: the Beginning of the End of The Forbidden Love Tale, completed at 439 chapters. Side Story, ONGOING!

QueenRani6 · Fantasy Romance

The Duke's Fraudulent Lover

Leticia whose been living her life quietly in the outskirts of the Kingdom of Otis, met a bloodied man lying on her lawn in the middle of the night. Deciding to save the man whose identity is still unknown, Leticia did the bare minimum aid and determined to let him go when he gets better. 'Well... I mean, I can't afford to help and sheltered an unknown man when I want to get married, right?!' But what's this? Why are you not leaving? And why are you so good at doing household chores?! And you know how to cook too?! You're making me hesitate to let you go! *** The rumored notorious Duke Hugh Naville decided to stay quiet and enjoy the life he has with Leticia until knights came and begged him to go back as his marriage candidates lined up to meet him, plotted for political purposes of the Queen. Thinking that the Queen shouldn't have his way with his life, Duke Hugh saw Leticia as the best option. "Leticia... Will you become my lover?" "Huh? Why would I do that?!" The response from Leticia made Duke Hugh smile. He became sure that she's the only answer to his crisis. "I want you to become my fake lover..." - But what will happen when suddenly Leticia had a glimpsed of her future and one of those is her life hanging in a thread? 'I should leave before I can, right?' *** This work will be participating in Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 P.S. Photo not mine. Credit to the owner.

MyCatPaws · Fantasy Romance

Power Up, Artist Yang!

At 24 years old, Yang Yujia is an unemployed art major, living off heavy debt and instant noodles. During a high-school reunion, Yujia gets drunk, does stupid things, and when she wakes up again, Yujia is no longer in the correct world, time-period, or body. Unfortunately, as a transmigrator, Yujia does not seem to have much luck either— instead of transmigrating with a set of stunning martial arts skills, knowledge that would aid her in troubling situations, or a position of royalty that would make her life much easier, Yujia is the fourth (illegitimate) daughter of a small merchant. And what skills does she have to help her survive this world? A pretty face, witty mouth, and useless artistic talent? Good enough. ... UPDATES: 4x per week WORDS PER CHAPTER: 700-2.5k Let's chat on discord! https://discord.gg/UrqESYT Donate to my Ko-Fi here! https://ko-fi.com/yaoyueyi Find more PUAY on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/yuecubed/ A big thank you to my editor-- @Daoist04825311

yaoyueyi · Historical Romance