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Resident Evil 2: Re-Imagined

The story of Resident Evil 2 Remake, re-imagined into one cohesive story, with some added changes. (This story has a female lead but due to the new genre system I can't have this story classified as a horror book with a female-lead since it's a male-lead only genre for some reason).

TIWHimitsu · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings

Resident Evil Los Iluminados

Laura es una simple joven que va a vacacionar en un pequeño pueblo ubicado en España, todo parece ir bien, hasta que un día un grupo de ocultismo llamado "Los Iluminados" levanta su iglesia en el pueblo y extraños sucesos comienzan a ocurrir. Su vida cambia repentinamente y cuando parece ser el final de su historia, un desconocido norteamericano la rescata y promete ayudarla a salir de ese lugar maldito.

LoorayLopez · Videojuegos
Not enough ratings

S.T.R.T. Special Tactical Rescue Teams

"Behind! Run, run, run!!!" "Piers? What's happening?!" ..... "What are you doing?" "B-63-092." "What?" I looked behind at Chris. "B-63-092." I said sternly, only to be greeted by his confused and shocked voice. "It's getting in your head..." He mumbled quietly. I grabbed that J'avos's wrist and shook it. "It's a code Capitan. We're going to die, Chris." ..... "Kill a man, one is a murderer, Kill a million, a conqueror, Kill them all, a God." ..... ---- "Luna Skywalker. Just a pathetic human soldier, who wants everyone happy... Poor answer for a question of meaning to live, I am pitying you. Disgrace..." Just then a robotic voice echoed through the dark room with just emergency lights blazing towards me and him. "Thanks for your contribution to the experiment." He smiled, his dark crimson eyes dripping with hate and animosity, as beckoned at the guard. "Kill her."

NivanfieldAngel · Video Games
Not enough ratings