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Uploading as In Marvel With A Symbiote in Fanfic section

I died and was reborn in a world I really do not know much about. Luckily I got two things, a minor gamer ability and a Symbiote that can't control me. Here's hoping i don't mess it all up! MC will be an SI. Rated M for language and implied illicit actions. I will try to keep the snu snu out of story, but hopefully romance will be involved. [Story will be updated when I feel like it. I'm a night shift worker and a pop pop of 4]

PopPop · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Yes Mistress

Daria lives in New York city working full time, as a dominatrix. hired to seduce and sleep with men and woman alike to reveal thing or even to make them cheet. But what happens when she is put up against an opponent she is not prepared for. you'll have to read to find out. (mature)

pagerunner · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings