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Just Another Isekai Novel...?

Just Another Isekai Novel...?

[The Mc is Pan. Nothing NSFW until before chapter 11. If you don't like this kind of novel! don't read! spread love! not hate. Mc is going to make some jokes and flirt with almost everyone in this novel...] *Bang!* I died... And if you said that I died by the infamous and powerful Truck-kun... You are wrong! I simply was killed by the ex-girlfriend that threw me into... A truck... So technically I was killed and not died... Okay! Truck-kun killed me... So now I'm getting Isekaied? Let's see... Another world? check! Op powers? Check! Torture and pain...? What? Players? Game World? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!?

Desiry_Derid · Fantasy
Not enough ratings