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Monstrous Path

Monstrous Path

I was clueless about the ways of the world, but I can supplement that with my ardent desire for knowledge. I was powerless, but I now wield powers no mortal can hope to comprehend. I was kind, but I learned ruthlessness is the only way to live in a world that wants my head. Generals, Kings, Emperors, and Gods are just some being who gained recognition but all of them like everyone else. I am a being no one wanted to exist, I am a scourge, but I will rise and be revered by all. And if they do not bend their knees? Their fates will be sealed underneath my feet. Kneel before the one who treads the Monstrous Path. =========================== I don't own the cover Also, this is not Harem and will have a lot of gore and violence more so than Celestial Peak Thanks for reading and please enjoy

Simple_Dynasty · Fantasy