My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love
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My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love


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What is My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love

My Vulnerary Husband- our journey towards love is a popular web novel written by the author Mukta, covering ROMANCE, LOVE, MARRIEDLIFE, CEO, FRIENDS, PTSD, R18, INTIMACY, SUPPORTIVE ML, INDIAN, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.9M readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 111 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 266 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


||COMPLETED|| _____________ Innaya Kapoor, granddaughter of late Mr. Viraj Kapoor agrees to disagree with the concept of love. So obviously, marriage is off limit, driven by her own experiences of relationships. Worried for his granddaughter, Mr. Kapoor before passing away, chooses an alliance for her, she is unaware of. Six months past his demise, the chosen groom's arrival comes as a shock to clueless Innaya. Torn between her Grandpa's last wish and her own fears, Innaya decides to take a leap of faith after meeting her chosen husband. Innaya knows the scars of past she carries are enough to destroy her present if she gave in. She enters into her marital life, not prepared for having her husband to become her own vulnerary, ready with an armor of love for breaking down the walls of her past. The only thing she did not realize that everyone has their secrets and he had his own too. ____________________________________________ This story revolves around the mental health issue PTSD. NOTE - It may be an Indian story but there is nothing in it that the non-Indian readers won't understand. So, my dear non-Indian readers, give it a try! It won't disappoint you :) Cover Image belongs to its respected owner. It's not mine. If you would like to connect with me: Discord: Mukta (My Vulnerary Husband)#5392 Instagram: @mukta_mvh

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Dear Author while searching some romantic novel I ended up here. While reading summary first thing got my attention it's a Indian based characters, after reading first chapter am already impressed with all characters. I always prefer to read only those novels where author give priority not only on main leads but also other characters too. I loved the way u portrayed eshan-Innaya relationship. And the best thing is eshan's friends love & support. Thank you for this wonderful slow and steady novel♥️. I hope this novel will give importance of words like Honest, Trust, leap of Faith, Care, and finally love. According to me love comes last if one doesn't have honest trust faith care in any relationship there will be no love. Author last sentence through eshan before disappearance was, where there is no trust there is no love and I totally agree with author because am that kind of person. Once again thank you so much for wonderful concepts and waiting for further chapters eagerly 😊😇😊


This book made me feel so much I didn't think I still felt. I was in a similar emotional position as Innaya a lot time ago but my ex-boyfriend and friend pulled me out of it. He made sure I felt supported and slowly made me feel as if I deserved to be happy, that I could live a day without anxiety killing me. It is only because of him that I was able to love myself. But it took me going through panic attacks almost no weekly, night mares still are a problem but not at as bad as before I am honestly so happy that a novel like this exists even though I was skeptical at first because of the arranged marriage. This story manages to enthrall the reader to the point where putting it down seems like you will lose sight of an important detail. The characters support and and all around unique personalities make me smile. The storyline could get confusing if you do not pay attention to to point of view or whether or not it is a flashback but otherwise it is structured well enough that it feels like you are there with them. Although I despise misunderstandings this one allows the story to develop which in my opinion is better than the alternative of waiting for a disaster.


I just love, adore, live, feel hurt, feel amazing reading this novel, here is why: 1. After reading several books, I was looking for a slow burn romance, and this is one of the most precious romance I have encountered between a arrange married couple. They both are giving true relationship goals ❤❤❤ 2. Innaya is not like normal female leads. She is just so lovely, pure-hearted yet strong woman who has suffered and this is her true journey how she thrive to come out of her past, as the journey is always have ups and downs, so expect mysteries and real couples issues, Which is rarest to read. I salute to you Author, for coming up with this story. 3. Eshan, what to say about him, words will get lessen but I can't explain how different he is. Seriously where do I sign up to find him on this earth? It's so hard to find man like him 💜💜 4. I like how the story is going on its own pace because issues like past trauma can't be forget in a day neither they heal easily, We have to live with it but Author has beautifully and honestly poured out how not to let past affects the present. Again Salute and bow down to you Author, you must be a Life Coach or Counselor in a real life? Aren't you? I'm so hooked to this story 💖💖💖💖💖💖


Although there are only 7 chapters, I could tell this novel is very promising. Indeed, emotions, impressions, thoughts, etc. are well described letting you feel almost exactly the same way. You feel yourself getting excited as you read. Writing quality is very, very good. Seriously good. I envy you author. Hope you can publish more chapters soon. 😘😘😘


One of the bestest book I have ever read....The characters are so so wonderful that it pulls my heartstrings....I just love reading this book again and again and again...the storyline is very emotional and wonderful...I just LOVE it so damn much that words are getting less and less in my dictionary for describing the wonderful effect the story has left in my heart...Mukta I just have to say one thing I LOVE YOUR STORY and sorry to say this I am never ever removing your story from my personal library and my reading list......


This is the first review that I am typing on webnovel after reading so many novels here.I finished reading all the chapters in few hours without shifting from my place even once, which tells itself just how amazing this novel is.The story progression is great and author has great writing skills with no grammar mistakes.But the thing you will love the most in it is THE EMOTIONS THIS NOVEL MAKES YOU FEEL.Give it a try guys if you are hesitating to invest your time.Thanku author from a fellow Indian for giving the readers a wonderful story to read.I hope this novel soon receive the popularity it deserves.


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Thanks for presenting such a nice story dear author... It definitely is one of the best stories I have read till now.. such a beautiful relationship presented in equally beautiful way.. ML is just too good... 😍😍😍 All the best 👍👍👍..


I am in love with the story 😍♥️ It's has its own sweetness (& I'm a sucker for such stories) The world background and the characters are explained so beautifully ♥️ It can use a little amount of editing in some places (very little) ... Otherwise the grammar and narrating style is awesome ♥️ I am in love with Eshan ♥️🙈 Best of luck for the future 😊


Love this novel, so far this book got me hooked. the author did an amazing job with the main character just love how the story flows perfectly and to the point. her writing style makes the reader immerse herself into the storyline. I hope the story doesn't have any cruelty, can't wait to see them get together happily.I hope the author updates more every day. 😍👌


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Quoting the title it sounds a cliche plot at first but I assure the readers it ISN'T another bean to CEO pile, rather the author has did a marvellous job pulling out characters like normal people. One can connect to the FL easily in first chapter, I won't tell anymore about the storyline, you've to read it but I'm sure it won't disappoint you, as it didn't to me. Author has used screenplay elements to narrate the story thus one can feel the whole picture before his/her eyes, and the vivid portrayal of imagery is a whole plus point for this narration. Describing the emotions author become successful gradually, by crafting out characters like every person around us. It is indeed a beautiful narration, though sounds typical at first but I believe it's a new thing with the hard work that author has placed in it, this has her heart and soul. ❤


Out of all the things in the novel, the writing style captured by attention the most. There were minimum mistakes in the novel, and the plotline is something I'd go for in a regular basis. In ways, the plot is refreshing and unique! Keep up with the good work!


This novel is very promising with all emotions, thoughts, well plots of characters and good flow. It also attracts due to Indian based plots. Interested in further reading. Pls update further chapters.


Well, I was unfamiliar with Indian background at first, however I was hooked up later. I really love main leads and their interactions. Well done!


Thanks author. He novel is very captivating and good. Speaks of the importance of love, trust and honesty in a relationship and describes it I. The purest of form .


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This book is one of the best book I have reed I will continue to read and support this book author your are a good writer keep it up,and pls don't give this book up 👑💟💓👌💕💕💋👅👅👑💟💟💓💕👌💋👌💕💋💟💕💕💟💕💋👑💋💕💕💓👌👌💟💕💟💕


I wish I really wish this NOVEL reach to masses, This story is showcasing Real Issue in the life of Female Lead. Which is count as Taboo in our Society!! I have become highly addictive to this Novel and i have already re-read the story for more than 6 times (first time i have re-read the story for this much times) Thank you so much Dear Author for creating one of most rarest amazing Male Lead like Eshan in your novel.


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After reading all the chapters (I spent my all fast passes) this story binded me, what more i could say, touching a topic like PTSD in a novel and that too in romantic genre isn't easy at all, But i loved how teh Author portrayed this issue and also how two people, Eshan and Innaya, grow and fall in love with each other, while fighting with their inner demons. I really really wish that their relationship get stronger and stronger and they don't let outer sources effect their this beautiful relationship!! Thank you dear Author for sharing this story with us


I am in love with both the storyline and the characters especially Eshan. He is the most understanding man ever dealing with a wife who did not trust you yet still defending her from his friend. He is the best man to help innaya. I am team Eshan and Innaya and I can not wait for their happy ending 💕💕💕💕💕💕


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