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Angel Of The Night

When you die, where do you go? If your devoid of all emotions, what went wrong? When faced with fear, what will you do? If you lose someone you care for, will you cry? Will you blame others? If your bound by the chains of hell, Will you break out? When a young, successful assassin died, he had no one wish a happy life. He had no one to grovel on the floor at the news of his death, in fact, people wanted him dead. What happens when that ruthless boy gets reincarnated? Will he choose the same fate, or will he not?

CurrieNamen · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Black Cat (A Demon tale)

Meet Kat, a very normal cat as far as the eye can see. All she wants to do is set back bask under the sun and eat caviar while resting next to her sister. All while watching her friends kick the crap out of all the hellspawn that decided to break the rules so why the heck did she wind up with this kid and that thing pretending to be a Butlier. Whats a cat to do?!

Tye_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

A Universe Gone Awry

a universe . under destruction. by the goddess' own daughter. the next generation has arisen.

Meravat · Fantasy
Not enough ratings