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pyromania - natsu x reader

(Y/N) is a dragon slayer from the fairy tail guild and natsu dragneel's best friend. She went on a week-long job a year ago, and never came back. Everyone assumed her to be dead, until she comes back on the exact day she disappeared a year ago. Welcomed back, she joins the newly created Team Natsu. What's more, her heart beats for a certain pink headed pyro, and his for her. - 'do you know the word 'peiskos?' it's the feeling you get from sitting in front of a fire and enjoying its warmth. it's the feeling i get when he smiles my way.' PYROMANIA | Started August 9th 2020 Nochumins

nochumins · Fantasy Romance
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The Flame Head Of Mha.

reborn as natsu dragneel he was an average guy in his last life givin' a chance by god he took it.

Worthless_Writer · Martial Arts
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