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Hollywood Reborn

Everything just happens so fast, and now you are given a second chance. A second chance in another world. A similar world. Perhaps, this time around, you can finally make something of yourself in Hollywood. Oh. What is a holy wood? Unfortunately for you, Hollywood does not exist in this alternate reality, so you will have to give birth to it before becoming the greatest film maker in history. Also, the greatest music producer, the greatest story writer, and whatever you can cram into your life. This is your story! Welcome to Hollywood Reborn. By the way, you got a System. A fucking trolling System! Enjoy! **** This story is written like an adventure book. The main character is “you”, and the story is written in second person present tense. The story contains graphical sex scene, so keeps your hands to yourself. Thank you very much. Join the Discord Server https://discordapp.com/invite/ffazvKp

Erosire · Magical Realism

A Letter from Mr. Grim

Being the CFO of the illustrious entertainment agency in South Korea, Pauline Park always monitored the financial status of LV Entertainment daily. She was under pressure all the time that made her withdrawn and cynical to other people. Until she received a mysterious letter from Mr. Grim that made her head ached even more. Would she able to find the person behind the letters from Mr. Grim? Or maybe some bastard playing a trick on her? Or maybe, falling in love?

bojovellie · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings