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When Supercilious Meets Draconian (LGBT)

When Supercilious Meets Draconian (LGBT)

- Born in rags and ended up in riches, Baí Syaoran has walked a line of a golden carpet. Spoiled by his careless father and prays on the poor, Syaoran has lived up to be quite the shameful child you never wish to have. Absorb by his selfishness and his undying need for new clothes, accessories and self care, he is the pinnacle of the most arrogant and rotten children. No one has ever met up to his standards and no one ever will or so he thought. No one dare to say a thing about him, but there is one man who is different from the others. He’s made a name for himself as quite the opposite. A man who knows no boundaries and has 0 tolerance will not stand for the likes of someone like Syaoran. A leader of a secret organization that controls nearly half of Guangzhou, China. Heartless and cold with a frightening attitude, Syaoran might just meet his ultimate match. Two polar opposites having an unexpected counter? - Song Luixian, the leader of a secret organization that controls half of Guangzhou, China is suddenly called out to a territory war. Neighboring gangs and other secret organizations seek to steal Song Luixians power and will stop at nothing to do it. Caught up In Luixians affairs, Bai Syaoran has no choice but to stick with Luixian who is the polar opposite of his personality and doesn’t hesitate to threaten to kill him every second of the day if he wants to escape being murdered after being dragged into there fight. With a man who’s as cold as ice and a boy who’s a spoiled brat, winning this war might be a lot harder than planned and not killing each other might be even harder

Cinzel · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings