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Handsome Husband: Wife's Lucky Charm

For most people, their wedding eve is meant to be a beautiful and exciting day. However for Ye Xinghe, it was a complete opposite. On the day of her bachelor's night, she accidentally walks in on her fiancé, Wei Shaoyi having an intercourse with an artist in his company. Feelings shattered, the happiness that had bubbled inside her in anticipation of her marriage came crashing down. Several days later, she came across the business tycoon and patriarch if the Helan family, Helan Li who proposed marriage to her. And thus, she officially became Madam Helan. Slowly with the help of her doting husband, she climbs her way back up to the helms of a diva, crushing down her ex along the way. She paves her way building an impenetrable fort against her competitors in the entertainment industry. Soon, she finds herself tangled in dark history revealing the identity of her long dead mother. In her investigation, she out her mother was a daughter of an influential assassin family. In the long run, she comes across her husband's mercenary team. Along with her husband, she builds an empire revered across the world

Phantom_0110 · Contemporary Romance
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