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NARUTO: Reborn as a Haruno

I was just wandering around like always in the park just watching the clouds taking a walk feeding the ducks this is actually my hobby, when suddenly I was hit by lightning out of the blue you know what happen next? . . . . . . . . . . . . . then read this, sh*t head Naruto: Nee-chan is always kind to me!... Sakura: onee-chan has always been so cool! I wanna be like her!!... Sasuke: sensei will kill me if I skip training... Kakashi: I love her.. Hiruzen: huhu, That child has shown me that I have more Authority than I thought, .... DAnzo: Hmph!, I'll kill her!.......... Author : lol. you suck bitch(mc) and you old geezer (Danzo) Imma kill you, dont worry.... sayonara mina-sama! wuv yu ol!!! :D

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