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The Path that I choose

Being born from one of the riches family, Josh Alexander have everything that he needs, money, car, woman, you name it. At the age of 25, he is already took his father's position as the ceo of the EXO. Living as a young bachelor, his been called as the Playboy Stand. Because of this, his father Alexander took initiative to arrange marriage for Josh with the woman who Alexander choose. Josh doesn't like what his father did but he couldn't disagree with it because Alexander told him that if he didn't get marry and produce an heir, Josh will lose his position as the ceo. Sarah an 18 year old girl whom have live a tough life, works as a cashier in a cafe shop. Few years ago, she had helps Alexander when he had an accident and she was there when it happen. Alexander thanked her if it weren't for her calling the ambulance, he would have die. They keep in contact after the incident. Their relationship is like a father and daughter. One day Alexander met her at her work place and ask her to help him. She agree to it when Alexander agree to pay off her father's debt if she marry his son. During their marriage, Josh never treated Sarah as his wife and bought different woman to their home. While Sarah, falls in love with him each and everyday even thought she knows that there is a big gap with her and Josh. But as times fly out their relationship got good and Josh started to develop feelings towards Sarah . But some misunderstanding leads their good marriage to divorce. Sarah got hurt for what Josh do to her during the misunderstanding relationship between her and her long lost brother and to add fuel in the fire, Emily whom have a crush for Josh have an evil plot against Sarah. Emily use this opportunity to get close to Josh and telling lies to him about Sarah and her brother having an affair and Josh fell for the lies that he heard. He started to treat Sarah the same way as he did, but this time he brings Emily into his house. Sarah whom had enough with Josh bad attitude towards her have finally make decision, she decided to give what Josh want. After she signed the divorce paper, she disappear without letting anyone knows. Mark, Sarah's brother starts a commotion at Josh's company and tell him that he and Sarah are blood related. He even shows the prove of them being siblings, he hated and blame Josh for Sarah's disappear. Josh feels guilty and try to search Sarah but got devastate finding out she left without a trace, one drunken night Josh got into an accident. During his operation, an angel show up in front of him and gives him a chance to show the impact of his decision towards his future. Given by the possibility to change his path, what path will he choose. Very2 slow update.

PiNiE0809 ยท Romance
Not enough ratings