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Vampire With A Cheat

Vampire With A Cheat

Born in a small vampire village, the five had goals that surpassed their limits. Night Walker: With the night as my path, I walk to surpass the ancient! With the night as my feet, I walk through the endlessness! Bat Emperor: A Bat for life, a Bat for eternity! I, the Bat emperor seek to suppress the divine with my endless army! Blood Controller: A drop to kill, a drop to reincarnate! I, the Blood Controller am the eternal enemy of the myriad blood! Diamond Vampire: Diamond is the stone of my heart. Impervious to suppression, invulnerable to strength, the Diamond Vampire reigns supreme! Human Suppressor: um! I suppress humans! I drink their blood! I eat their fruits! I...I am the weakest vampire occupation!

GodOfProtection · Fantasy
Not enough ratings