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Big bear's honey: Return of the CEO's Empress

Big bear's honey: Return of the CEO's Empress

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time place and circumstances the thread may stretch or tangle but will never break" ------------------------------------------- Alexandra Winchester who was once known as the Empress had fallen into the fires of agony because of love. The scars that it gave her reminded of her shattered past and her bewitching looks gave her nothing but self-doubt and insecurities. The love which was meant to heal her ruined her completely. She was not afraid of it, rather she thought she could never be loved until... ------------------------------------------ Jonathan Jonas AKA Big Bear is the cold, brooding and ambitious person but there's a difference. He has a heart and it beats only for one woman and he had met her. The maiden whose eyes held passionate flames that had made him surrender. Made him fall so deeply that had left him no choice but to choose her and only her. -------------------------------------------- He looked into her eyes which were glistened with tears. It enhances her dazzling eyes which were the colours of the uplifting dawn. "Why are you crying, my love?" He asked caressing her face with adoration. His eyes held so much love for her that she could drown in them. "I- I am so happy," She said smiling. "I am so happy that I am crying tears of Joy" "I promise you my love, from this day forward you will only cry tears of joy and will never cry the tears of grief and I will make all of your pains even those scars disappear" ----------------------------------------------- A story about revenge, love and war

Agustusceacer · Contemporary Romance