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Katana Maidens Toji no Miko - Heijōkyō kenkyūjo no itsuwa

The Fanfiction Sequel of Toji no Miko Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi takes place in Kyoto, Japan follows the exploits of the Male Asian foreigner who seeks Job to earn money for his adopted family. He decided to try applying at one of the Five Traditional Schools where the Toji Alumnis are founded, but he finds the mystery something much more disturbing than it imagined.

John_Louie_Salcedo · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Naruto (Fan-fic)

Sorry guys I'll move this novel in the fan fic area, I did not know that there is a fanfic area since this is my first time writing and gotten me confuse. I'll move the stories there :)

Blue_neko · Fantasy
Not enough ratings