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Unveiled (MLL)

Unveiled (MLL)

Lets play a game he said. He called it possession and I was the price. As our bodies entwined in one he would push a finger between my lips feeling them wet and ready before he entered me. Stretching me to the hilt. His teeth would sink inside my skin as he would leave his mark on me. He would drive me crazy with want till I screamed to the world that I belonged to him. And I did. I belonged to him for all eternity and yet he was not mine. He belonged to no one but his demons. He would hide them from me. But in these uninhabited moments he would let me see them. Swirling like the damnation of hell, held inside his beautiful grey eyes. Unreigned, untamed, burning to possess me. To drag me to hell with them. If only he knew I was already there.

preez199722 · Contemporary Romance
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