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Against The Gods with an Anime System

Ray Williams is your typical New York white collar worker with an asshole of a boss that makes his life hell. Faced with crippling debt and no family or friends to speak of. His only solace in life became anime, novels, manga etc. to escape the daily hell that was his life. Until he is given an offer that was to good to refuse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following story is a fanfic. I, as the author, do not request nor do I earn any monetary rewards from writing this fanfic. Against The Gods is property of Mars Gravity and I don't own anything besides the OC. Any other characters or intellectual property featured in the series are the property of their respective owners. ‐------‐------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone who reads this fanfic. Hope you will enjoy this fanfic of mine. I was inspired by the fanfic Cool Anime System (Against the Gods) on this site and this fanfic was recently deleted and thus motivated me to write my own fanfic. F.Y.I. English is not my first language so be prepared for a grammatical mistake or two. But do not think that this fanfic will be filled with mistakes. I speak, read and write English as good as my first language. Because of my busy schedule I can not guarantee a consistent publishing rate, but I can promise that I will inform you first if I plan to drop the story.

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