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I Got Infinite Stats

I Got Infinite Stats

We were overwhelmed by how vast the space behind the stage was, but what made our hearts cringe was the fact that all the slaves were imprisoned inside cages, some were in diminutive cages of their own, others were squashed together in huge prisons that were pounded to the walls. Guards and other people with surprisingly clean clothes were rushing around, tending to the slaves and polishing them to the point that they seem to be shining. Quite a large number of slaves were positioned outside the cages, still binded by shackles but with better clothes and better looks than the imprisoned ones, which indicated that they were the goods to be sold. I clenched my fists, I was determined to release every single one of them with the infinite cash that was bestowed upon my system. The stench waffling through the air was also surprisingly smelling of soap and perfume, with a slight whiff of something cooking. I was glad that the slaves weren't as badly treated as how the rumors had said, though of course it was still categorized as very bad treatment. The anger inside me was starting to flare up, but was then slightly diminished by the fact that I had noticed the slaves weren't skinny and seemed to be in good condition. We went past the soon-to-be-sold slaves and the guards tending them, who looked at us with frowning faces but went back to their work as soon as they saw the VIP passes that I stuck on our clothes. I looked at the face of the slave that the first guard was fussing about on, and I noticed her to be a species of adolescent juvenile female dark elf. Her gaze met mine, it had a hint of despair but also a sense of longing to be free. 

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