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Into The Subtle Darkness

Into The Subtle Darkness

How long does it take to get into the reality of one's life? One day? Month? Year? How long will it take for her to know the reality of life? What'll she experience? Pain? Happiness? Hardship? Or death?

shakiraislam · Teen
Psychopath || myg

Psychopath || myg

"He stabbed me with a box cutter... almost." - - - Y/N is not scared of Suga, at least that's what she shows. Basically lying down at her death bed or should we say death dental chair in a middle of an unfamiliar dark room with the spotlight directly above her body. But she shows no fear at the intimidating 'Doctor' Suga. That interests him and she jumps on him in hopes of freedom, instead he didn't want to let her go. He's in love or is he? He's Suga, a psychopath (and he loves me). "our love is that of toxicity and death" suga x reader gee_mean, 2018

gee_mean · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings