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The Tyrant Emperor's Older Sister

Lee Yon, promising young team leader. When she woke up from her assassination attempt, she was no longer in her world, she was now in a world that was both familiar and foreign to her. She had become the elder sister of the villain, the second masucline role in the novel "Flower's love": Tasha Bellion, the only princess of the empire of the same name. A secondary character who "almost always" had a "rich" and peaceful life. A pawn frequently used by the villain who "hardly" used it. So what was the problem? This girl has a curse that takes her word away and because of it people are treating her like crazy. MUTE AND DISRESPECTED And she's the older sister of the evil emperor, a bloodthirsty punk! IN RISK OF DEATH AT ANY TIME - "Hmm ... Can we survive?" Author: - "Who knows?" --------------------------------------------------- You want a novel with R-18 (a little late), isekai, black magic, a vengeful and badass character (at times, by name she's the type to ignore you if you pissed her off) or just a little novel to pass the time. THEN YOU ARE WELCOME ! --- ○ Info: -Pinterest- The cover is not mine, I just edited it a lot! -Language- I am FRENCH ! So sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes. -Outputs- Are irregular except during the holidays or when I have time. -History- My first on the platform so be nice :D Thank you in advance ! good reading ;)

xsweetpeachxx · Fantasy Romance
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