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The Descendant of Avatar Aang (Asami Sato X Beifong Male OC)

Being the grandson of three members of the old team Avatar is hard enough, but being a part of a new team Avatar is a whole 'nother challenge. (Note: This is an AU From my other story)

staycool1214 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Sweet Delivery!!!

This is what happens when a person with a creative mind tries to types his script for A series which is like making an anime out of 2003 Strawberry Shortcake for someone to use because he can’t animate let alone draw and is hoping that some one would see it!!! Ichigo Birica (Strawberry Shortcake’s name in this) seems like if she’s just an normal girl making deliveries from every restaurant to people’s houses!!! That would be the case but she and her little sister April Deluca (Apple Dumplin) live in Neo-stalgiaville with their uncle Sugar Song and uncle Bitter Step!!! What’s so odd about Neo-Stalgiaville? Well it’s just that an evil organization known as S.O.U.R.S led by Dr.Purp(Purple Pieman) steal deliveries from delivery guys for their own Gluttonous nature!!!!! But Luckily before her First day on the job Ichigo finds a magic pink cat named Guido(Custard) who helps her out by giving her a magic wooden katana to fend off whatever machines and monsters Dr.Purp throws at them!!! Will Ichigo achieve sweet delivery victory or will she get the chopping block?? Whatever the case this is a recipe for excitement!!!!!!!

Crazy88 · TV
Not enough ratings