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Will I Ever Be Able To Love You

Ria was afraid to fall in love. She was already used to living alone, without anyone's love. Louis was determined to win the heart of the icy girl. She had so many childhood traumas, but he would be there to warm her heart.

JuliaS · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

The Everlasting Commander

(English isn't my first language) The world is apparently quiet. People are born, grow up, are happy, sad, and then die. But who or what keeps it that way? An orphanage located on the border of the State of Erika, the largest in the world, secretly conducts experiments on who will be its next commander. Only the one who survives can become it. However, everything is turned upside down when two young girls discover everything and, on their capture, are subjected to these experiments. Somehow they survive and develop supernatural powers. Disgusted by everything that has happened, the two decide to think about how to change and rule the state. But their ideas are in stark contrast to each other. They decide to separate and fight when they are older. Who will win?

Metah · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings