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childhood sweethearts

childhood sweethearts

when she was born, he was 5 years old. Everyone said she would only stop crying when he was holding her or when he would be in her line of sight making him babysit her... His first reaction after seeing her was "UGLY Monkey" No one knew they would fall hard for each other and grow old together..... She depended on him for everything, slowly falling into the love that got created between then unknowingly. This is a love story between two childhood sweethearts and how they identify the special feelings of love between them. ............................... Years later, A chubby little cute bun asked in his milky voice, "Mom, when did you and dad meet each other?" Looking towards her husband she wondered about what answer should be given, when she heard, "I met her when I was five." "What about you mom?"asked the milk bun Scrunching her face Tofu said, "I met him as soon as I came into this world." .................................... Join the author on- Discord- https://discord.gg/mkgRky6 Instagram- author_sally112425 Facebook- Sally Author https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Sally112425 https://ko-fi.com/sally112425 You can talk to me about any thing, if you have suggestions about the novel I would be happy to listen them. Apart from being an author I am a motivator and a student as well. So if there is anything I can help you with, go ahead.

Sally112425 · Teen
I accidentally stole the female lead's first love

I accidentally stole the female lead's first love

The almost college student is trapped in the body of the 5-year-old daughter of a destitute baron. Her goal is to give this family what she couldn't to hers, and try to live as Theresse Halligan. She thought it would suit her, but she did not imagine she was in the world of an old fantasy web novel! Well, she wasn't even mentioned in the novel, and she had better things to worry about than the characters in a romantic love story. As long as she, her family, and little Gilles were okay, nothing could be that bad. But little Gilles, Why do you bring so much trouble?

Chris_McIean · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings