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The Unpredictable Game of Love

Maria Angel Celencio is a girl who grew up with happiness and loved by the people surrounding her. Having a simple life with the people she loves is her joy and contentment. While Calvin Hades Velgas is a boy who lives in sadness and hatred. A boy who grew in a secret became a boy who loves secret. He's like a turtle, hiding in its shell. Cades do not show his true colors to anyone. A girl from the Philippines and a boy from Canada. When two young children met, their heart flutters and felt those weird feelings. What will happen if a two young child fell in love with each other? Will you believe it? Do you think it's love? Maybe not. But who would have thought that the love they thought wasn't real grew quickly in their hearts? A story of a long distance relationship.

author_clarixass ยท Teen
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