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Upon the ancient planet of Chejeveck, colonized and Terra-Formed millennia ago by the bygone humans of the Era Of Starlight, is a culture decimated by war, famine and stagnation. After the collapse of the Era of Starlight, the planet has been rendered near uninhabitable through liberal use of nuclear warheads, space-vessel bombardments and orbital weapons platforms. What was left were the ruins of cities, factory-complexes and machine-yards. Vast planes of scrap metal and junk cover a major portion of the planet’s surface. Through untold centuries, the surviving humans here have strangled out an existence of misery and bloodshed as the ways of the past were forgotten and replaced with the ever-looming threat of destruction and the constant fight for survival. The ancestors once relied on the machines known as “ENHANCED LABOR UNITS”, or ELUs for short, to work the massive power plants, weapons factories, missile silos and everything else on the planet. Now, the people rely on these once magnificent machines to do war. Cannibalized, rebuilt, retro-fitted and upgraded; these once fusion-powered mech-suits rely on gasoline, coal, or electricity as they march across the wastes. The Scrap-Dunes, as they are called by some tribes, cannot be traversed by any wheeled vehicle, and thus the often two-legged, all-terrain, up to fifteen foot tall ELUs proved invaluable in the aftermath of the many wars fought on this planet’s soil. For the humans of Chejeveck, survival is won by the boot and metal of the ELUs and their pilots. As time claws onward, more history and more knowledge is lost; The Dust Takes All. The Rust Eats All. Follow the journey of a young man, Jakabi of the Eondai Settlement as he grows in maturity, skill and strength. This book is dedicated to my love; Rachel.

A_N_Crestmore · Sci-fi


His Prey never asked for this...

akitkatbar · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings