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Cat Deity

Cat Deity

Two magical beasts were fighting over for the throne of who was the most powerful and lethal in the Animal Spirit Realm. Bram, the raven deity, was a self-absorbed manipulator who envied Lavi, the cat deity, for having incredible sixth sense and clairvoyance. Unlike Bram, Lavi was treated as king wherever he goes even if he didn't give a fuck about acquiring some notoriety of his own. Lavi was tired of his best friend/enemy's pathetic attempts to kill him so he faked his own death and moved to the Human realm where he couldn't find him, leaving Bram to reign the Animal Realm. Upon arriving in the Mortal Realm, his spirit accidentally possessed the body of a dying cat lying in a pile of garbage. Since he couldn't stay for long because he would perish along with it, he shifted into his human form. And of course, like any other interesting story, someone had witnessed him do it. Lavi just wanted to live a peaceful life as a cat deity for the rest of his life. That's what he only needed. Why can't other creatures leave him the fuck alone? Well, can this girl keep a secret or should he kill her?

Parisian_Moon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings