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The False Hero (Book 1 of the Semisaur Chronicles)

The False Hero (Book 1 of the Semisaur Chronicles)

WHEN MOST KIDS WANT TO SEE A DINOSAUR BUT YOU’RE TRAINED TO BE ONE… When a school test thrusts Gregory Buckland’s class into a world of living dinosaurs, it’s like a dream come true. There, Gregory learns the technology supporting the dinosaurs’ world is failing. The dinosaurs must return to the human world, and their plan involves Gregory and his classmates. Especially his class bully, Ben, who is hailed as the chosen one, destined to save all dinosaur-kind. When Ben is captured by a group of terrorists and Gregory is blamed, he must prove his innocence. But time is running out, and the same terrorists have unleashed a deadly virus that affects not only the dinosaurs but have the potential to seep into the human world as well. Hated by the world he had dreamt to be a part of, Gregory tries to unlock the power in his DNA, while learning the difference between the chosen heroes from his favourite stories and the hero he should choose to be…

Sutirtho_Roy · Sci-fi