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Alpha Harvey’s Tribrid Mate

Alpha Harvey’s Tribrid Mate

Amongst the most important people, being the daughter of a faerie queen, seemed to stand out amongst others, Ana King, was the rare tribrid daughter, to the skilled and scary faerie queen, Olivia King. And Daughter to a Powerful Hybrid Alpha who’s name isn’t spoken Ana was the most powerful of the now tribrid was hybrid clan, well being one of the few hundred that remained alive, tribrid's were hunted to their close extinction, after almost various times Ana was kidnapped by "family" and "friends" she seemingly didn't really trust many people Until the Day of the Were-Lycan Kingdom's royal gathering, Ana and Bennett attend the royal ceremony of the heir being brought to the throne. Alpha King Elias Harvey. Chaos and Romance - what more could you ask for?! Find out what happens in "Alpha Harvey's Tribrid Mate"

thefauxphoenix · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings