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This rivalry seems a bit odd?

This rivalry seems a bit odd?

Lex is born an alpha, a natural winner, a leader among others. When the war rages between the zergs and the humans, Lex was forced to transfer into the army. And he ends up meeting an omega, who he fell in love with at first sight, and courted for him. At the same time, the commander of his team, Nikoli, was also after the same omega. Of course, when two people love the same person, they would naturally start a threesom- Anyways, Lex and Nikoli started as rivals, but the more (not so much) time they spent (sabotaging) each other, they start to notice... that the omega they both liked were not so attractive anymore. "Hmph, why is his face so handsome. But I sure more handsome than him. UnU." Lex thought as he glared at Nikoli. "Such a cute face, truly worthy to be my rival." Nikoli thought, glaring back at Lex. The third wheel omega, "Mom where are you? (ಥ﹏ಥ)" A/N: Should probably say this first- It's cuz quarantine that I started writing (cuz I bored af and I'm sure most of us are) so the grammer won't be the best, the story might be cliche, and the characters might be sucky, so please don't hate. I will try my best to improve. Also, lots of cursing and weird crap in there, I think. And the synopsis is just like, a few chapters in the novel. Yep, I added this part. The plot just flies- no it propelled itself way off track so soz. I'll write a better one when I see how the plot will go.

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