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Continental Wars The Renegades

Everyone’s life is unfair and that is only the fair thing for everyone. What if beneath the ideals we believed in was not right? What if the actions we deemed right actually hurts the people we wanted to protect? What if the person we always wanted to keep at arm’s reach, died or moved away? The world is cruel so be crueller. He, who once fell into the deepest part of the abyss, learned. Life can be full of lush and enjoyment yet at the same time full of sufferings. Conspiracies, deceptions and betrayals, something that humanity could not to throw. When Ares found himself in an island, where death always visits, he thought that he would die again. But, who could have thought that by chance, he finds something else that would change his life forever. Follow Ares who paved his way with blood and carnage making his fame and name known throughout the ages.

Fermion_Merlton · Fantasy
Not enough ratings