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  • My Hero Academia...

    This is a book about my character going to U.A. High to prove her well known villain mother wrong. And along the way she starts to fall for someone unexpected. (I am bad at spelling so there will be errors...just let me know where they are...)

    Kendall_Felder · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
  • Get Boned : MHA Fanfic

    Kentaro Honshiro, he might be your usual MC, but he might be not idk, and there will be a lot of references. From a regular boy to a fledging Hero, follow his journey that is filled with school life, adventurous tasks, epic battles, and near-death situations. And maybe even find some love, idk don't ask me. What a good time to be a student at U.A High.

    Telor_Kambing · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • My Hero Academia Dragon Flames: A Hero's Rebirth

    Synopsis for "Dragon Flames: A Hero's Rebirth" Kai, a selfless hero, is reincarnated into the world of My Hero Academia with no memories and a powerful quirk called Dragon Flames. As the cousin of Shoto Todoroki and a student at U.A. High School, Kai, now known as Blaze Dragon, forms a bond with Midoriya Izuku and helps him grow stronger. Together, they face new villains and challenges, forging alliances and battling threats to protect their world. "Dragon Flames: A Hero's Rebirth" is a tale of action, friendship, and the spirit of heroism, blending familiar characters with new adventures.

    Qsamabin · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • MHA: Riptide

    This story is about a boy named Kaito Izumi who was abandoned by his parents after he was born because of an affair, He grew up in an orphanage but life was still unfair so he had to escape with his younger brothers and sisters he made in the orphanage as he lives 2 years of crime just to feed his siblings but his life soon changes once he has an encounter with an underground hero

    WildCard21 · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Ice-Ice Man, Todoroki Touya

    A young man finds himself transmigrated in the world of MyHeroAcademia as Todoroki Touya. What path will he take and what changes will he bring with the quirk not of his father, but his mother's instead.

    Flash_Samurai · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Reborn in MHA as Anko Mitarashi (DISCONTINUED)

    Discontinued! check my profile for the other version.

    coolusername2007 · Action
    Not enough ratings


    Yuji_kun_1458 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • The Multiversal Demonic God

    Hello guys this is my own book.. long story short the mc is a mysterious figure who is born and brought up in the world of My Hero Academia and later on his quest to find out more about himself takes him to the world of Naruto. I would like to get ur support and also hope that you like it, all of my mistakes will be rectified

    Akshat_o_Shetty · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Nothing To “Sho” For As a Teacher: An Erasermic One Shot

    A simple existence was not something heroes could count on. Working at an agency was already a full time job, but adding the pressures of teaching on top of it? How did it even come about for Hizashi and Shota?

    AbyssValkyrie · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Love Amidst the Undead: A Tale of Survival and Redemption | BAKUDEKU

    "Love Amidst the Undead: A Tale of Survival and Redemption" is a gripping story set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. It follows the journey of two survivors, Bakugo and Midoriya, who initially clash due to their contrasting personalities but eventually form an unbreakable bond as they fight together against the undead. The arrival of a young woman named Iyashi, possessing a healing Quirk, complicates their relationship as Midoriya finds himself drawn to her. However, when a tragic accident transforms Midoriya into a hybrid creature, Bakugo must confront his feelings of jealousy and make a desperate effort to save him. The story explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the power of friendship in the face of overwhelming adversity.

    yusochan · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • when Nobita married Dekisugi

    ## When Nobita Married Dekisugi Nobita Nobi, a lovable but perpetually unlucky young man, has always held a burning crush on Shizuka Minamoto, the kind and talented girl next door. Their childhood has revolved around Nobita's clumsy attempts to impress her, aided by his robotic cat companion Doraemon's fantastical gadgets. But what Nobita doesn't know is that his supposed rival, the brilliant and athletic Dekisugi Hidetoshi, harbors a secret – Dekisugi's heart belongs to Nobita. This unexpected truth throws Nobita's world into delightful chaos. Years of chasing after Shizuka suddenly feel pointless. Can he even consider reciprocating Dekisugi's feelings? Meanwhile, Shizuka, oblivious to this hidden dynamic, continues to see Nobita as a dear friend, completely out of the romantic loop. As Nobita grapples with his newfound understanding of Dekisugi, their bond deepens. He discovers a supportive and surprisingly passionate side to Dekisugi, a stark contrast to his usual princely exterior. But can their love survive the expectations of society and the ever-present presence of Shizuka, who might finally be starting to see Nobita in a new light?

    Virus_700 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Midnight’s Embrace: A Tale of Moonlit Romance

    "Midnight's Embrace" is a captivating tale set in the mystical town of Luneville, where Lysandra, a florist with a deep connection to the moon, runs the enchanting "Floraison de Minuit." Her life changes when Evander, a mysterious traveler, enters her shop, sparking a connection that blossoms into a moonlit romance. As their bond deepens, Evander invites Lysandra to join him on a journey beyond Luneville, offering her a chance to explore the world and her heart's desires. Together, they embark on an adventure that weaves magic, love, and discovery under the celestial dance of the night sky, challenging Lysandra to embrace the unknown and find her place within the vast tapestry of the world.

    Azure8090 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • 僕の永遠日光/My Eternal Sunshine

    Tamaki and Mirio have both been starting to question each other's relationship recently. Tamaki has become more social and happy. But, He's been hiding something from Mirio for a while and is afraid of what'll happen to their friendship. And, Mirio who's still being acting relatively the same around others. Has been very acting shy and flustered. But, Only when he's around Tamaki. It's like a complete 180 of their personality's! Can Tamaki find the strength to tell Mirio how he really feels about him? Will he return his feelings? Or, Will Tamaki's worse nightmare become a reality?

    Superdjkj506 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • Sky flames Hero

    To28 · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Destined Paths: A Tale Of Missed Moments.

    What if Izuku wasn't able to reach Ochaco in time? How would this affect the My Hero Academia storyline, and how would it affect poor Izuku? Will this tale adhere to the familiar canon, or veer into a darker realm? Dive in to discover the answer within the pages of my masterpiece.

    DaoisttVkLhD · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • A Hero’s Path

    In The Distant Future, Where Robots, Advanced Technology and Bio-Humans co-exist, there lies another thing in Society, Super Powers, and with everyone having Superpowers there is the everyman like Rex who tries to make use of his bad power to climb to the top, What will happen Next? Find out in a Hero’s Path!

    YaBoyZae_64 · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Bound to fall for each other.

    This is a fan-fic of the anime, My hero Academia. If you don't like Bakudeku or DekuBaku I survise you don't read this.

    Tabatha_Mableson · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • You're MY perfect omega

    Kirishima struggles to be himself due to the weight of expectation that pushes him to become a good Omega to the family. In which Kirishima is imposed into a courting that puts relationships in shambles, aka Just a group of confused boys trying to understand their feelings and severely misunderstanding it.

    Yaoigobbler · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings