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  • Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

    Finding a strange orb, Jayden finds himself turning into a vampire. Strange quests start to appear in front of him, sending him to different worlds. He finds himself playing different roles in different worlds, as he gets stronger and gets the most beautiful women from each world. " So, you want to save your son, impossible. The treason he committed can't be forgiven. " " Please, *sob*" I'm begging you. I'll do anything if you spare him. " Jayden looks at the breath-taking beauty kneeling in front of him, as a sly smile appears on his face. " Anything, you say. Then..." ****** Using his mind control abilities, Jayden will become the richest, strongest vampire, and have lots of beautiful women in his harem. ________________________ -No NTR, But MC will steal other's women. -Might be a bit slow at the beginning. -No Yuri Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/wckUrBNVUd Extra chapters after 30 golden tickets and gifts

    Jin_moon · Fantasy
  • Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO

    In the year 2173, the world's first Full-World Virtual MMORPG game 'Astral Online' changed the face of the blue planet Asteria. With its revolutionary Digital Capture System, players could scan themselves into the game with up to 20% beautification, and millions flocked to play it. The game's popularity skyrocketed with the introduction of the Real Money Trading (RMT) system, and professional players formed guilds and factions to increase their profits. But this prosperity was short-lived, as players began to fuse with their avatars, gaining powerful abilities in the real world that tipped the balance of power and caused chaos. Two years later, demons and monsters from inside the game invaded the real world, decimating over 90% of humanity. The remaining survivors were left hiding in fear, unable to fight back against the invaders. Zell was an average player who spent most of his life working overtime to make ends meet; although he inherited a wonderful house thanks to his parents, most of his wages went to the property tax and food bill. He found solace in collecting beasts in the game and evolving them into humanoids, primarily females. When the end came, he was powerless and alone, with only his pets and Rika, his cherished Flame Rabbit, as his companions. In a final act of bravery, Zell saves the life of a strange girl with white wings, sacrificing himself. But instead of dying, he awoke in an empty white room with a single computer and a game-like screen that allowed him to edit his IRL avatar and persona. Zell's second chance at life came with a mission: survive. But who gave him this second chance, and for what reason? Could he meet Rika again, or was she lost forever? As Zell navigates this dark new world, he must confront the harsh realities of survival, facing danger at every turn and making difficult choices to determine his fate.

    Duke_Asmodeus · Fantasy
  • All-in-One System: All I Need is Erotic Coins

    [Mature Content] [NO NTR] The day dungeons appeared on Earth, everything changed! From ordinary beasts to monstrous ones, attacks were common throughout the globe, and no one was safe. After countless studies using these beasts as subjects, Humankind developed a serum capable of awakening incredible abilities in humans, leveling the battlefield. With the serum came heroes and villains, those who wished to use their powers for good or bad. The Garmony Upper School was a place for the elite with the sole purpose of creating heroes to fight the villains and explore more of the dungeons after the beast attacks increased for no apparent reason. Damian Romero, a youth who received the serum after turning 18, yet got no unique ability. It was not uncommon for one to not receive power, but it was still a blow to one's pride. He went rogue after the news, drinking alcohol and having a good time with women, and it was at that moment, when he was putting his toy to play, he got a surprise. [All-in-One System Unlocked] Damian's unique ability was a system with multiple functionalities, but after he studied it, it seemed this system worked with a different type of coin called Erotic Coins! Improve his body? Buy any item or unique ability from his system's store? All Damian needed was Erotic Coins, and he knew how to earn them! ~~~~~ The MC will not start as a villain, but something will shift his mind in the future.

    Ryongul · Fantasy
  • Mission: Seduce the Master!

    [WARNING: The book contains scenes of an erotic nature, and focuses on romance and erotica in general] P.S: There are character illustrations in the discord channel: VNqSfqm4nq or 8MH8AyNBvC or e6ekVKyzrS P.S 2: The cover art is not mine, if you have any questions regarding copyright please contact me directly. Thank you The cultivation world has always been cruel. Those who are weak will never be able to reach a new level and see the next day. Xie Qing was a youth from a wealthy family, merely the third son. He had a very ordinary talent, but unwilling to tarnish the family's reputation, his father sent him to one of the less influential but still good sects - the sect of the Heavenly Sword. Upon entering the sect, Xie Qing stunned everyone - not with his talent, but with his appearance, as if it had descended from the heavens. Fellow disciples and even elders wanted to use him for their purposes. However, one person surpassed them all - Elder Xu. Taking him as her disciple, she made Xie Qing assist her in daily life, and this continued until, during a massage, the youth saw a text in front of him. [The system has been activated!] [Your first mission...] [Seduce the master!]

    MisterBombastic · Eastern
  • I've been reborn as a villain in an erotic game

    dropped dropped dropped Warning :Hentai, brainrot Novel On his 15th birthday, Otis Hale remembered his past life and realized that this world is the erotic game he used to play in his first life. With this knowledge, he strategically used his understanding of the game's plot and characters to navigate his new life, making calculated decisions to fulfill the ambitions he had in his previous existence. This is a story meant to provide adult entertainment.This story is only here to help you relax in your stressful life. Women can also use this story for their personal enjoyment. 200 powerstones for an extra 3 chapters, please. Give me powerstones. I want to win this contest.

    Roni_Sarker · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Erotic RPG: I am in the Game world, But My Heroines are Villainesses

    Do I really have to treat the heroines of the story well, even if they hate me? Do I really have to avoid the villainess even if they are the ones who accept me? This is the story of a young man trapped in the world of the erotic game he played as the weakest and most hated villain of the game. ---------------------------------0---------------------- Chapter lengths are 1000-2000 words. Two chapters every day. -----------0--------------- You can check my discord if you want. You will be able to see the illustrations here and engage in a conversation with me if I am available. https://discord.gg/yMKGEdZSfb

    Darkness_Enjoyer · Fantasy
  • Villain Reborn: Netori Harem in an Erotic RPG!

    The fantasy world of Celestia, a blue star filled with wondrous magic, brutal monsters and countless different races all spread on the huge continents said to have been created by the Goddess Celestia herself. But all is not adventure and bliss—there exists a man who causes the people to tremble in fear, and even Celestia's blessed Hero can only beg forgiveness. That man is the 72nd Vampire Lord, one of the most powerful and charming men in Celestia, rumoured to drag any woman he desires into his bed. He was a fearsome enemy of men and a secret delight for women. But! Nobody knows when or where this Lord came from. They only knew he was a gentle and loving husband but a cruel and brutal enemy. ------- Lucifer died accidentally with his soul transmigrated into the body of a young vampire dying in a forest, lacking most of his memories. He feels determined to use this handsome face to live a great second life after realising that this world is a Netori Eroge with RPG elements that he played in his loneliness. Reborn is a nameless side character, neither the villain nor Hero. Being a stray vampire with no noble ties, Lucifer desires to live a happy life, slaying monsters and making his legal harem of beautiful women of all races. However, fate would seem to stand in the way of his plans. Lucifer was always envious of a certain hidden boss, a member of the 72 lords and the only male Lord. Sadly, he never played the game's hidden ending, not knowing the truth while envying the 72nd lord. "The 72nd Lord will steal the heroines if the Hero doesn't enter any of their routes... That guy is so lucky." Sadly, his fate seemed cursed! He accidentally had sex with the Protagonist's childhood friend by mistake, and now she is crazy about him! He made the Hero a cuckold, causing his world to turn on its head! He made the game a [Netori Eroge] or an [NTR Eroge] for the original Protagonist. Slowly, the world's plot was changed by this unsuspecting old man, step by step, searching for the best beauties! His mind was blurry, with the vague memories of his past life and the message of someone special to him planted in his dreams and mind. Lucifer must use all of his abilities, from charm, wits and libido, to survive. He must push through this nightmare difficulty game and defeat the [Protagonist] while accidentally seducing and stealing the heroines on his way. All to enjoy this second chance at life. +-----------------+ I dedicate this to those who supported my first major contracted novel, Vampir.

    Duke_Asmodeus · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Erotic RPG: Pleasure Online

    [18+] [Erotic RPG: Pleasure Online] VR MMORPG RPG: Pleasure online was a Game released May 20/2030, a week before Armstrong's death. VR MMORPG: Pleasure Online was a game players could seduce and have sex with female NPCs, be it beasts girls, elves, monster girls, dragon girls and any other possibilities a human could think. Armstrong was killed by a car accident and was reincarnated by the Goddess of lust into Pleasure online. Charm: 80 Crotch size:40 Exp : Increased after sex He was given some conditions and reasons why he was reincarnated such as having sex to level up and stopping an upcoming distruction. Thou he was rich and was the only son of a great merchant life wasn't smooth for him. Watch as Armstrong rise to the top with all the beauties he could gather. 100 power stone 1 bonus chapter 200 power stone 2 bonus chapter 300 power stone 3 bonus chapter A/N English isn't my first language, so use the paragraph comment in case you spot any grammatical error.

    Solomon_Adams · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Beast's Virgin Claim

    WARNING: {R18+ ROMANCE}{Explicit sexual content} ~~~ "I only want you, Theia. Always have always will and this shall never change. How could I ever want another when I possess the one I solely exist for?" "Phobos," I call his name fondly a need to hug him and breathe in his calming scent surfaces. "I do not wish to treat you like you are made of glass because you aren't. Your body was made for me and it can handle everything I choose to give it. And this I will prove it to you." "When?" I ask breathlessly as he ultimately turns around to meet my curious eyes. Golden rings outline his irises his beast announcing his presence and they stand as one before me. A wicked smile paints his face with a flash of canine displayed to me. A promise he gives that I will be ruthlessly devoured. "When I fuck you senseless." ~~~ After years of excruciating loneliness, Phobos approached me. A frightening beast, my soulmate who emerged from within the bounds of a ruthless thundering storm. The male I yearned for. He caught me off guard and I was under the spell he cast through his ocean eyes. A spell I couldn't defeat and that very moment I knew I was in trouble. The second our eyes met I knew he would bring me endless heartache. We were childhood friends, him and I. Phobos the gentle and playful juvenile I grew up with and looked up to as a pup vanished and was replaced by a cold-hearted barbarian, he terrified me as he killed many with a blink of his eyes. No regret, no concern his beast often in control surging forward consuming his senses. They were equals. How can I connect with a beast like him? How could I make him call me his? How can I love my childhood friend who has become a merciless monster? ~~~ #TBVC is a childhood friends to lovers dark romance erotic series with an age gap of 9 years between the protagonists. It will be a rollercoaster ride of emotions but will also have tons of delicious spice to heat you up. I truly hope you enjoy it my little wolves!

    Luna Liz · Fantasy
  • Vampir Lord: Erotic RPG

    [Rewriting Free Chapter's Progress: 12/49] A boy devastated by the loss of his family turned to games to fill the void. The game he chose was a Virtual Reality Role Playing Game where you could seduce and have passionate erotic scene's with the heroines, as it was rated 18+ On his first day before playing the game, he chose to use a preset of a character with a similar name to his, "Lucian Von Silver," a vampire baron but a sub-villain in the game's standard route, only surviving properly. However, this route would see him lose his beloved childhood friend because of his useless talent and playboy lifestyle. When choosing this, Lucian thought nothing could go wrong with making a custom avatar that looked like the perfect mix of the two. When he entered the game, a strange figure appeared above his home, apologising as lightning struck down on his house. Lucian was electrocuted inside his VR pod and died without starting the game. Yet this was unknown to Lucian, who awakened in a luxurious nobles' room. Slightly confused, he decided to keep playing, only to discover he now inhabited the body of the actual baron, "Lucian Von Silver!" But this was not the game, but a real world that the game was based on. He began to feel dread at the thought of the future until he gained the system that would guide him. "The Seduction System" This was the first step in his becoming one of the most lustful and powerful vampires in the entire universe. ———— NO NTR NO YURI ————

    Duke_Asmodeus · Fantasy
  • My Pick Up Artist System

    "With this system, I'll become the world's greatest seducer! If it doesn't kill me first..." I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then, a girl's voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.] "What the hell...how? I'm an 18-year-old virgin..." [7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.] "You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I saw no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists, and from that day forward, my boring student life became filled with craziness and womanizing. I just had one problem: "Why are all these guys insane?!?" Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women. Additional Tags: weak to strong, supernatural, action, fantasy, funny, dungeon, face smacking, bloodlines, modern, harem, r-18, litrpg,magic, cultivation, martial arts, shameless protagonist, parody, satire, succubus, netori, adult, ecchi, sex, hidden gem, drama, wuxia, adventure, mature, school life, seinen, princess, billionaire, werewolves, xuanhuan, erotic, erotica, romance, revenge, polygamy, psychological, r18, 18, 18+, smut, hentai, comedy, light novel, alchemy, system. *No Netorare or Yuri. *If you dislike harem, I guarantee this one will be different and become the best harem you've read on WN. There are colorful characters, no bad romance, and no annoying female conflicts driving the plot. *Every volume so far has been even better than the prior one. *If you're wary of reading originals, I assure you that I'm a native English speaker and you'll find the writing here to be at a print professional standard. If I said this story had the 2nd best grammar on Webnovel, no author or translator would dare say theirs had the 1st. *If you doubt any of the above, please read the hundreds of 5-star reviews. Some originals may have more reviews because they're older or get more marketing from Webnovel, but I doubt they have more glowing 5-star reviews. RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don't have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total. Join the largest Webnovel Discord of 2500+ readers for character art and more: https://discord.gg/VSKzgzV8J9 (case-sensitive) If you'd like to make a Paypal donation to support the cultural cause of the novel and author: https://bit.ly/3lU4xD1

    SamsaraWithWords · Urban
  • Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+)

    If you are looking for the whole world, it isn't here. But if you are looking for 3Ls (Love, Lust, and Laughter), this one is full of it. It is a fun rom-com with hot love scenes. If you read the comments, the most thing you will see is the "Laughing emojis" and the word, Hot Hot Hot! Romance erotic novel, full of fun, a romantic comedy with some actions by Elya. The heroine's the smart leading lady and not the soft sopping victim. The story is focusing on fun, romance, humour, and happiness. The leading man is a handsome powerful arrogant businessman (mafia), the super-rich with egos as high as Everest! Stefan Mackenzie, the 32-year-old handsome Tycoon from Las Vegas. He is famous for his killing looks, the face of dark handsome playboy with money. Wirata Ratanawan, 22-year-old Thai girl. Then everything in his life has changed forever without his willingness. He tried so hard to avoid his fate but it seemed the heaven above's not on his side anymore! Warning: As I put it in the "Romance-erotic" story, so when it comes to the love scenes the camera won't pan to the flower vase or the bed head. It will be hot and in detail to fulfil the readers' imagination as this novel has its main purpose for entertaining.

    Elyawriter · General
  • Am I Lewd Enough??

    Arthur finds himself being reincarnated into an erotic, fantasy game called [Oriana] and not to mention, he had reincarnated into a thick femboy called Willow?! How is he going to navigate through the gore, the lores and more importantly, evade the erotic content of the game where 90% of the characters want to fuck him to death? Guess he'll have to big brain this shit.

    Norobo · Fantasy
  • I can Use Filthy Game Skills In The Real World

    ~Mature Content~ A guy living his boring life as he play games on his pc. He loves to play erotics and adult games, and one day because of some random draw or something he was chosen as ‘Beta Player/Tester’ for the game. without any hesitation in his mind he sign the form he got in his email and in few days he got the VR Capsule for the beta testing. Of couse he didn’t have to pay for anything, and will get the chance to play an adult game first time in a VR. [You have Entered the Game!] [Please Enter Your Login Details!] -Username: *******- -Password : *******- [Thank You For Login!] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- [All the characters in the novel that will appear will all be of the age of 18 or above]

    Alex_morg · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings

    //DARK ROMANCE// BOOK2: The Billionaire's Submissive My new steamy book; The Mafias Dirty Little Slut(18+) by babyauthor WARNING! THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY SCENE IN EVERY CHAPTER, IF YOU ARE BELOW 18 AND YOU FEEL INSUCRE ABOUT READING EROTIC BOOK, PLEASE DON'T READ. IT CONTAINS HIGH SEXUAL CONTENT!!!...THOSE WHO WISH TO CONTINUE, PLEASE DO BECAUSE YOU WIL REALLY ENJOY IT, IT'S WORTH IT! … (18+) "Please doctor, please fuck me please". Ann begged. Her hands were handcuff below her knee which made her legs to hang up in the air. Marcus observed her pussy that were spread wide open for his eyes to feast on. His cock hardened and trying to break free out of his pants but he tried suppressing his urge as he stared at her wet entrance with lust filled in his eyes. "Please touch me doctor, please touch me down there doctor it hurts so baaaaad.....". Ann begged, she tried touching her pussy but the handcuff around her wrist were depriving her. Marcus smirk, he strode to the bed where she was positioned at the edge of the bed and swat down. His face, facing her swollen pussy as he maintain direct eye contact with her drippy wet entrance. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE "SEX DOCTOR" WANNA READ MORE??? PLEASE CONTINUE... * Check out my new steamy book: The Mafias Dirty Little Slut(18+) Book 2 of the sex doctor (HIS submissive)18+: The Billionaire's Submissive Don't forget to support my work and comment Also follow my Facebook page: Precious Elohor - Babyauthor. Link:

    Babyauthor · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Stuck in an Island with Twelve Beautiful Women

    Zombies...... The world fall into their hands, and the humanity was almost got eradicated. But there are some survivors, that's what Jude thought but is that the truth? He and some other people used a cruise ship and escaped from the mainland, but due to some twist of fate his wife betrayed him. Now he is stranded in an abandoned island, he thought he was alone in that place, he thought he finally became free. But is that the reality? There are some others were in that place too but he didn't know about them at that time. He didn't know that meeting those people will change the course of his entire life. [ warning........] ** The story contains many more erotic scenes, so only recommended to those who are above 18+** Harem - yes Yuri - No Please support me by adding it to your collection and gifting with anything you like and golden tickets. Your support to me is more important than you can imagine.

    minatoflash · Urban
  • My Erotic Wives In Another World

    Summoned to another world, Akira was given the chance to woo his childhood friend and become the strongest despite starting with the worst attributes thanks to his Monster Girl Taming class, which allowed him to share his pet's attributes. He wanted to be strong, ashamed of his weak otaku self and abandoned everything for that goal, even if it meant becoming a vampire. Using his new class and a system to help his bond with monster girls grow for rewards, Akira was on the path to becoming the strongest. Rena, his childhood friend and devoted yandere lover, supports him through all his hardships as Akira parts from the kingdom and becomes labelled a Demon King! He becomes a villain to survive and protect the women he loves most. The change would lead him to the ultimate harem life with pretty monster girls and surpass the Hero while crushing those who claim he is evil and seek his death for the world's balance only to crush them and fall into the warm embrace of sexy women as their King.

    Crimson_Tyrant · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings