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280 chapters in. This novel desperately needs an editor. Disciples become discipline, males turn into females, tenses get mixed up a lot and sentence construction is often awkward. Typos happen to everyone but seeing multiple such cases in every chapter quickly becomes annoying. Overall story development and character design is very average. MC lacks both a real goal other than "get strong" and a real rival. So although the fights aren't exactly poorly written, they feel dull to read because there is absolutely no suspense. Similarly his growth doesn't feel special as there is no risk or struggle involved. MCs master seems to exist only to act surprised at his progress. I do appreciate that his romantic interest remains relevant throughout the story, however the way its presented could use some work. Telling me what kind of emojis his girlfriend uses in her texts is just a waste of space. Not to mention she doesn't have anything going for her other than looks, which brings us to the next issue. A lot of characters seem to serve no purpose other than cheering in tournaments. They bring neither drama nor comedy, they don't give insight into the world, they don't help develop MC. Especially the female characters - typically to the genre, they exist mostly for romance. For a novel set in past, this could be explained somewhat convincingly, however for one set in modern times? Can't say much negative about world building as its basically a clone of modern world with martial artists thrown into it. However it does lack exposition in this regard - surely the inner workings and rules of society should have changed to accommodate people with supernatural abilities, yet the novel seems to barely gloss over such issues. TL;DR Overall, its not the worst novel, especially if you can ignore its weak points and glaring lack of editing. However, would I put it on my recommended list? No.


Martial Arts Master

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