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Read Martial Arts Master novel written by the author Cuttlefish That Loves Diving on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, action, cultivation, weaktostrong, beauty. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists! Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era!


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Modern Xuanhuan? Ok I'm in... there is no need for anything else, just knowing this is enough 😤 Just click like!!! A true man looks for intriguing fights, and this Kaiser is a both a true man of the modern world and a monarch! Be a true man (even if you are a woman) and like this!!!


A martial arts webnovel with good romance! There's like dates and cute conversations! And the female lead is so lovable. So much better than other novels where romance is just like "She is talented and has jade like skin" ignores for 100 chapter, "They get married" ignores for 500 chapters, "They go to new world" ignore for the rest of the book.


Website : qidian china Views : 2.65 million Rating : 8.1(1185) Chapters : 760 status : completd Word count : 2.51 million author rank : platinum


Since many people rate this novel badly for a stupid reason (slow pace, boring). I'll give 5 stars. Come on guys you read too much op nonsense novel. If you rate a novel 1 just because it is slow, then 90% of western novels are bad This novel is written by the same author of throne of magical arcana, which is currently my favorite CN. So I have my hopes high for this novel I'll change my rating later


a novel from the author of the throne of magical arcana. i love that novel and i looking forward to reading this beautiful handiwork of that author. cuttlefish that loves diving is a popular author in qidian. so ill give full 5 stars for now. it can change when i read more than 50 chapter. so dont disappoint me. i am not gonna be a scumbag that rate full 1 star to a novel that i haven't read.


This is not a martial arts novel this is a slice of life romance novel about a guy who's trying to woo a girl and uses martial arts to do it.


Ok, first off, let me negate all the low ratings. Secondly, I know that a lot of people have been gathering hate for this in the past few days (weeks) because of the fillers and the romance. Well let me tell you. This Is A Classic! It occured to me that the author is now aiming for this novel to have a tv series adaptation going by feel and nature of this story. As a classic CN would have that "classical" feel of love on the battlefield, a true polymerization of Action and Romance, a blend of youthful vibes and adrenaline if all kinds, a combination of.... Ak pui~ who am I kidding!? This is a Korean Drama for pete's sake! Read this novel and you'll get a girlfriend, that's all I have to say.


i ll give it a full 5 stars for now. Wish there was sample chapter for these new books to see if it would catch my interest.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


280 chapters in. This novel desperately needs an editor. Disciples become discipline, males turn into females, tenses get mixed up a lot and sentence construction is often awkward. Typos happen to everyone but seeing multiple such cases in every chapter quickly becomes annoying. Overall story development and character design is very average. MC lacks both a real goal other than "get strong" and a real rival. So although the fights aren't exactly poorly written, they feel dull to read because there is absolutely no suspense. Similarly his growth doesn't feel special as there is no risk or struggle involved. MCs master seems to exist only to act surprised at his progress. I do appreciate that his romantic interest remains relevant throughout the story, however the way its presented could use some work. Telling me what kind of emojis his girlfriend uses in her texts is just a waste of space. Not to mention she doesn't have anything going for her other than looks, which brings us to the next issue. A lot of characters seem to serve no purpose other than cheering in tournaments. They bring neither drama nor comedy, they don't give insight into the world, they don't help develop MC. Especially the female characters - typically to the genre, they exist mostly for romance. For a novel set in past, this could be explained somewhat convincingly, however for one set in modern times? Can't say much negative about world building as its basically a clone of modern world with martial artists thrown into it. However it does lack exposition in this regard - surely the inner workings and rules of society should have changed to accommodate people with supernatural abilities, yet the novel seems to barely gloss over such issues. TL;DR Overall, its not the worst novel, especially if you can ignore its weak points and glaring lack of editing. However, would I put it on my recommended list? No.


I’ll keep insisting... please Webnovel, assign a translation team to end this novel ASAP, it’s a great novel go wasted, can’t stand the indifference it’s receiving from this site😭.


Its an ok story, if the goddamn girlfriend filler chapters were cut out it would be way better. Holy crap sometimes i wonder if the author is obessed with trying to make it seem like young romance. Why does half the chapter have to be texts between the mc and his girl?!?! Jesus Christ he even describes the emojis! You can just look at the chapters name and if it sounds like his girl is a part of it just skip it as nothing interesting happens. This novel is so full of nonsense its not even funny. A sadly watered down story that vividly describes emojis is my final say. Thank you for reading my rant btw👍


Honestly the total of chapters is around 750. The novel is really good, but it got dropped by the translators. Please someone pick it up. Even if it goes premium, I’m up for it.


The translator currently dropped this novel... Pleaaaaaase pleeeeeease.... Somebody pick it up!!! It's unfortunate that I don't know to speak mandarin... Otherwise 😤 somebody pleaaaaase!!!!


I have to say, as someone who has read wu xia novels for a year or more now. I have never bothered to do reviews at all because it seemed pointless to me no matter how good the story was but after binge reading all the available chapters. This novel really left me wanting to find out more and is also very relatable in terms of real life and is very realistic. I recommend this to readers who like novels that make sense yet are fictional and have martial arts at the same time, this novel really makes me feel that I know the characters personally and there is a real world behind it. Strongly recommend to others!! Although besides that, I think that the traslation is not bad besides the occasional typos and wrong names. Thanks for the efforts!


Honestly the book that got me to switch to buying Spirit Stones instead of coasting by on free chapters and daily rewards. It's a shame that this has seen so many issues with keeping a translation team, especially with the quality of the story. I'd like to call this a slice of life martial arts story. Our lucky protagonist manages to find an ancient martial inheritance, pursue the girl he's crushed on since high school and slowly climb the ranks of the martial arts world. There is a fair bit of violence and a loy of good action so it's not all peaceful and quiet either. Qidan, please get this one going again, it's one of my two favorite stories on this site and I want to read more.


You will like this novel if you enjoy reading slice of life/ Martial Arts/ Romance. A novel that would bring bittersweet memories of your first relationship. 1 like = 1 prayer for the translation to resume


Very good story, but it seems that the translator dropped it for some reason. It is probably one of the best ones I have read. If you can get past the slow beginning it is a very interesting and light hearted story.


I came for the Martial Arts. I stayed for the Romance... This isn't like any other Wuxia (or Xianxia... I dunno the dif. sorry😞) where the main focus is on MC's weak to strong story. It mainly focuses on MC's love story. Demmit, it even gave me lessons about how to approach a girl and stuff.. I learned together with the MC. So if romance is not your thing, and wants more Martial Arts, Weak-to-Stong MC story, then I think this might disappoint you. There is also that, but it doesn't really focuses on that. Its like... 30% Martial Arts, 70% Romance... and just let me tell you this, the Romance here is SO F'King GOOD that it may cause you to have a diabetus. Seriously, it's so sweet, and imo, it's also more realistic than other stories. Also, the story is also in the MC's perspective. A guy's perspective and rarely shows the girls' perspective, not until the later part. Seriously, its a Great read.


The concept is good but the story progression gets stale as I read along. The romance in this novel should've been removed altogether as I find it moot. Main character's personality is poorly written and weak. Not worth the time. Unless you're a teenager.


This novel is very good but there has been no updates for the past 3 months. Finger crossed it is continued to be translated, don't want to be left in middle of nowhere with no updates. Please update.


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