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The concept is great, the beginning chapters are interesting. But after 200 chapters, I felt like the story is trying to slowly put me to bed. Nothing really happens, and the slice of life is not developed well enough. The writer focuses on cat is such a disappointment, does he realize that there are so many types of animal in this world? The cast appeared to be great at first, but failed to deliver. The mc is a spineless wuss, a cat slave, and all around nice guy. It's a combination that produces a boring mc. His fast-track learning of martial art is also very laughable, when I read that part the only single thought I had was 'WTF'. There is little spice and rapport in his interaction with his pets. This is very bad for a story about magical pets. The pets are so 2D that they get staled really fast. The author programs his pet well, so well that they lost the touch of life. If you want to read about interesting magical cat and dog, better read cultivation chat group. Even an onion in that one is more interesting than all the pets here combined. The translation is ok, but the constant changes of names and terms really put me out. I felt like this is translated by a team of people that doesn't coordinate with each other. Btw, what is Old tea time's gender? Grandpa or Grandma? Pick one! It's another story with much potential that turns mediocre.


Pet King

Jie Po

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