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Sorry if my reviews are too long but, this a modern day cultivation story, which is pretty uncommon. Now, it's very slow paced but some of you may like it that way since it's slightly reasonable, knowing that there are questions that haven't been solved yet throughout the story. I had few problems reading this at all and it's pretty good, as Qidian chose well. Here's why: Translation Quality: The quality of Qidian's translations are truly one of the best, the editors and translators included. This is always expected from me, and probably most of the readers on Qidian. I literally found no errors in grammar/punctuation and it was all easily read and understood. Updating Stability: The update stability (like always) was always followed by and true from what I've seen. The translators and editors have a schedule and they obey it (5 chapters a week). The translation speed though, could be a little faster, maybe 7 days/week. I say that since the novel is already completed and still has about 2000 chapters to go. Other than that no problems with this. Story Development: The story and plot develops at a VERY slow pace. But if you ignore that, you find almost no problems. If you do read past the beginning, (unlike some other people) you find that it slowly get's better. There is a clear objective and the plot is reasonable and there isn't any plot holes. As the information is also given to you at reasonable times, as it is, the plot is pretty good. Character Design: The main character and some very important characters have personalities and each have goals and backstories. But the side characters aren't really realistic, and girls may fall in love too easily (to the extent of 10 days together = love forever). He easily discards girls even if that happens (for the sake of cultivation) and makes it look like they're side characters, although they aren't, and indeed do help with the development of story and the main character. Which is why this is okay. World Background: The world develops slowly and information is given to you slowly (like I said before). No info dumps and the world development isn't only at the beginning, (like some stories) and it develops throughout the story instead of all the info at the beginning. This makes it comprehensive and allows you to take it all in, and know what's happening. Taking all of that into account, I rate and recommend this story at 4.4 stars! I liked this story and hopefully you do too, just get through the beginning and it'll get better (in my opinion)! Go ahead and read now.


Strongest Abandoned Son

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It's okay to read, for binge readers, though it's understandable if you don't want to continue and drop it, but in my opinion it's an okay read for you to binge. Sorry if my reviews are long!

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no matter if it is very long since it is captivatin.




I think pages per chapter is too little though




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k4dd:I think pages per chapter is too little though

Do you have other modern day cultivation story that you recommend? I'm currently reading my cold and elegant ceo wife and my wife is a beautiful ceo. Thank you.