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This novel is actually retarded, in only the first hundred chapters I read there has already been some stupid as sh*t things that would happen. Sure, I wouldn't mind if the main character had only made the mistake once and tried not to do it again, but no, the mc actually has f*cking brain damage and mental retardation as it seems that he does not learn from all the sh*t that could have been avoided but wasn't because he is goddamn stupid. Other than this, the repetitiveness of the main character making an impression on the women is irritating too. Basically, they have a bad impression of MC, then MC does some sh*t, then viola! Women like MC Something even more annoying and retarded is the fact that the MC goes retarded over anything that even bears little resemblance to his master. This wasn't actually that bad, but this was the last straw for me because honestly, the MC was just too retarded. The MC had actually "fallen in love" with this random woman that he currently does not know, and does not have any connection with, just because this cultivator woman had saved him, and the way she did resembled the way his master saved him. At this point, I gave a big "What The F*ck?" Yes, I did, because it was f*cking retarded. I would have understood and even be more interested if the MC had fallen in love due to some other bullsh*t reason that could even have some logical reasoning like his master's reincarnation, or even anything that would just sound logical. But sadly, it disappoints read that it wasn't so. As such, I think this novel is retarded, but that's just my preference, so if after this you still want to read it, then just do so, don't say I didn't warn you.


Strongest Abandoned Son

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