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Well well ...! It was actually very interesting! I'm not really used to reading Litrpg but the Diablo-like tower ... I'm sold (as a gamer, that spoke to me)! The writing is concise, precise and suits very well to the universe. I truly recommend to people to give it a try! I have to add one thing: author, you have the reverse problem of me. Sometimes, you cut the sentences too much where it should be a comma instead of a point. I think some sentences will be more impactful or meaningful. I'll keep it in my library and will definitively continue reading it! PS: I'm so sorry, I add so many comments while reading as I was reacting just in the hot of the moment :joy:

Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman


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Thanks for your words. As I was told I am a comma freak by someone... I used commas sparingly in here. but I think you're right... I like to write sentences in fragments, so there are few punctuation errors. I should do another editing.