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Intrigued by the premise of this web novel and where it's headed! Can't wait for the next chapter. Particularly interested to learn more about the Hopsch and their role throughout history. I just wish the author took more time to describe the Burrow and the surrounding world. Would love to fully immerse myself in it. Also, maybe some character sketches? I'd love to see what the Hopsch look like!! Especially, Raloc and his top hat! 🎩


Killing Kei: Shotgun from the Sky


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Thank you, Camille! I'm happy that you wanted more out of the story too. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that when I start on the main story. But yeah, I'd really like to commission an artist when I can. If you want another peek into the world, the second one-shot is already published and focused on a different race, the Fellden. It's called Killing Kei: Dark Helmets in a Light Room. Currently working on the third one-shot :) *edited because typo lol