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I love this book. After reading 4-5 chapters. I can tell this is going to be a goldmine of not just in terms of storytelling, but laughably going to be a good one. I like how flushed out the world building is without needing heavy exposition while very great in its character development. Pro tip(If I even have one): Try to make translations in-between the Spanish language. Cause many readers will not look at the paragraph comments other than just to write "Wtf is he saying?" Overall, its a good read and I highly recommend it. PUT MORE SPANISH IN THE DIALOGUE! I LOVE IT! but also add translations too. I wish you many high hopes my fellow author.


Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide


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Many thanks for words of praise mi amigo! I do intend for more snippets of Spanish to show up, but unfortunately I can't do it often, lest the more casual reader gets tired of checking the chapter comments. Cheers for being the tenth person to review my story by the way!