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Writing Quality: I have nothing to even complain about. Fantastic grammar, little if not zero mistakes. Vivid use of a myriad of words, terms and expressions. The phrases are managed in bite sizes, allowing for breathing room between reads. (Many authors fall for long and winding description or conversations without a break, myself included). Truly a joy to read. Stability of Updates: Since the story is fairly new, I hope the updates will be consistent because I can't wait to read more. Story Development: I would say the pacing is fine with the MC daily life and interactions but I think there should a hook for the audience, something to hint on the big picture. (I know it's in the synopsis but I would love to have some kind of foreshadowing) Character Design: Oh boy. From small interactions, monologues, actions and description, the characters are already in my head. I also love the Spanish incorporated in the conversations, it gives flavour to it. (Yay to Spanish lessons and thank god for the translations) World Background: It's quite a description on the world background. However, there are some strange parts about knowledge becoming so advanced yet reality is so primitive. Upon reading further, I could guess something happened that resets everything (except knowledge) back to the modern era (probably a war, a disaster) that is connected to the game.


Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide


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Many thanks for the detailed review my dear reader! I can assure you that I will be updating daily and diligently, so do not fret! (Though the upload times will be inconsistent as I do last minute revisions, so maybe a little bit of fret is allowed haha) Many thanks for the generous compliments and constructive criticism as well! Like you said, the hook is in the synopsis, and while I could further foreshadow the things to come right now, I feel it would underplay the slow and relaxed pace I intend the first volume to have. As for the world background, the disparity between humanity's knowledge and the reality around Zack is due to the fact that I've only allowed for a small glimpse into the world of Aether so far. Perhaps, in future chapters, you might be surprised to find how advanced they really are!