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This fanfic is pretty well done compared to a bunch of trash on this website. The writing quality is pretty good grammar wise and I haven't really noticed that many mistakes. The amount of chapters updated is kinda trash because only one chapter appears ever 2 - 4 days sometimes a little longer. This is a problem I think as to why this book doesn't get as many views as it should be. If you could do a chapter a day that would make this fanfic a lot more popular, but if it becomes quantity over quality this story will die. The story development has a nice pace in my opinion. Its not super slow but maybe a little too fast for some people. The character design is like-able. I am enjoying it and like see what happens. I don't know if there is that much development at the moment but when I am writing this there is only 16 chapter. So far the characters are pretty much the same from when they are reborn to now(Chapter 16). The World background is not really that well developed since a lot of places aren't really described. It kinda makes sense since its a fanfic but I would at least like to know a little more about the house that the MC's live in. But that might just be me. *PLEASE UPDATE MORE* thx Disclaimer: I am not the best reviewer by far but this is definitely one of the most thought out reviews I have done. :)


The Uchiha's in MHA (AU)


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Thank you so much! I will definatly try and up the frequanvy if i can!