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Yeah, I hope the author continues writing this story. It is pretty standard—loser inherits system and becomes a badasss. There is also the element that a portal will open In eight months and the Protagonist better use the system to get strong to prepare for bad times. EE…But 19 chapters in, there're still some lingering questions. The protagonist is a bit fat and he is effeminate enough to be mistaken for a girl. However, the author says that he has power that he CHOSES to keep hidden. Later, when he first gets the system and looks at his statistics—they don't say, but "10" seems to be standard mortal stats, his strength is something like 45 and his intelligence is at 35. Where did he get the strength and IQ and why does he choose to hide his abilities? I HOPE this isn't something the author has simply forgotten about.


Solo Killer Machine


Liked it!




Hi author here, I purposefully chose his stats to be higher than normal which would make more sense later on in the story (i.e further in the time when the portal opens). But what exactly I would not tell you as it'll be a surprise. 😁 Thank you for reading my book and I hope you would carry on supporting me 🙂